Monday, March 01, 2010

Photography and Photoshop

Something a bit different from my usual moaning for tonight's entry.
I website I 'work' on is having a creative competition with the theme of Orange (mainly because Self Injury Awareness day (SIAD) is approaching - 1st March) and they needed some examples to advertise it with.

This is SIAD one;
Not sure how much I like this one. Perhaps it would have looked better on a black background hmmm
hmm, it does make it stand out a little more. oh I dont know.

I also played around with an old photo that I took. I took this picture when I was away with my sister on the island of Mull in Scotland.
And after playing around with it I came up with this:
While I am here, these are a few of my favorite photographs that I have taken. owh I miss having a decent working camera =[ (although I did see a great deal on a Nikon DSLR the other day and i so so want it)

Yup, so there my favorites that I have stored online. Most my decent photographs are still stored on my old laptop whose power wire dosnt work >.< I will one day get around to grabbing all my old files off there. Oh and incase you didnt notice, I do have a kinda thing for sunsets. Used to be a thing for waterfalls (again mostly on my old comp)


  1. Nice shots. I just bought the Nikon DSLR3000. I haven't had any time to play with it though because I've been sick.

  2. owh, im so jealous. The best cam I ever owned was only a DSLR style, but I want a real dlsr.
    Right now I am using a cheap no make 7mp old camera. And looking at funds this morning, thats not something that is going to change any time soon lol.
    oh well. one day maybe. Look forward to seeing your shots off the new one.