Saturday, December 05, 2009

movie night

Tonight was movie night. What better way to spend your friday night. So what if the film gets interrupted a few times while meds are set up and obs taken. After all this is no cinema with is 'please turn your phone off' messages (although they are posted on the door to the ward.

We had chinese nibbly bits, salt and pepper wings, spring rolls prawn crackers as well as coke and cookies. My room still smells nice from the food, even the nurses comment on how lovley the food smelt.

Saw my surgeon again today. Its odd how he always manages to time it so I have just fell asleep. I decided to have an afternoon nap and was just drifting off when he came in. He spoke about me going home, that he will order my equipment and try to get in touch with the team who manages trachys at home. Said as a trial I can go out for a few hours over the weekend.

So tomorrow, mum is comming by with some clothes for me at 10, right after my morning meds and we are going out. Shopping i think, if I can mange it. Im a little apprehnsive about it. It will be my first time in public sporting my trachy and also I dont know how far I will be able to walk. But most supermarkets have wheelchairs I can use, even if I do hate to use them.

Mum keeps asking if we should buy our own wheelchair and in answer, I just dont know. I dont want to go back to it nor do i want to be dependant on it, but at the moment everything is such an effort and I need to start building up strength again. Who knows how long that will take and in the mean time I cant just sit about and do nothing.

But tomorrow, im going to surprise my neighbor. She is in her late 80's and has been worrying about me. She told mum she didnt know about seeing me next as knowing everything I have been through she will probably cry and she dosnt want to cry in front of me. So yeah. She is sweet really so I may just knock at her door tomorrow and surprise her.

I have spent the day with no humidity on at all and my chest still feels clear. I also keep telling them I am doing my nebs, but I havnt been. oops. I just dont feel the need, there is nothing on my chest with these new meds. Its great, really great not coughing up tons and tons of gunk all the time. Hopefully it will last. But Im not going to tempt fate too much, I will run my humidity tonight just to be on the safe side.

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