Monday, December 07, 2009

I have just had 3 hours of uninterrupted day sleep in my own bed in my own room *sigh* ah bliss.
Unfortunately, no I am not home just yet but have been granted a few hours off the ward each day to start adjusting to being out and about again and to see if I find any problems. But anyone who knows me knows how much I love day sleep.

Yeah, so my weekend, not what I planned but yeh.
Started off on friday my doctor told me I could go out for a few hours each day between my meds. He cant send me home yet as I dont have the equipment, but thought it would be a good way of breaking my time up and such. So Saturday morning, right after 10am meds, I left the hospital for the first time in 15 days. Went home and saw my tortoise and had a good snuggle with them. Man I have missed them. Forgot how cute the baby one is when he sits in your hand and stretches his head out to rest on your thumb.

I decided that I didnt really want to stay indoors as I was fed up of being stuck inside, but as I was getting pretty heavily out of breath just walking around the house, I wouldnt be up to much walking. So we went to a supermarket where I was able to lend a wheelchair. By the time we clipped the trolley on the front it felt like an armoured tank, but at least I was out. I kept a scarf around my neck covering my trach and so got some funny looks as I hardly look in need of a wheelchair.

Navigating around the shop was pretty hard, but it was nice to be able to pick my own magazines, drinks, junk food. Right at the end of the shop, we walked in to Sid, my college tutor. He asked how I was and said I was looking well and such. Was a bit awkward. I have never ever walked into him outside college and my first few hours out the hospital and I do, how typical.

So went home and had tea and went back to the hospital, absolutely shattered. I basically curled up and slept for 3 hours, waking around 8. Had a shower and a sandwich and gossip online with some friends and went back to sleep again.

Sunday, got up and ready to leave the ward again at 10. Mum picked me up and we went home. We were waiting for my dad to get up from his night shift and then we were going to go surprise my sister by visiting her new house and have a bit of dinner on the way home.

I had only been in ours for about 30 mins when I got a killer headache and started aching all over. Soon I was throwing up and virtually crying in pain from my head and my joints. I couldnt stop shivering and had two jumpers and a blanket on. They bought me back to the hospital.

My obs where taken and my pulse was high as was my temp. I still couldnt stop throwing up even though I had eaten very little. Its really hard to trow up with a trachy as you get out of breath so easy. They called the doc to examine me and gave me some anti sickness. He couldnt find anything wrong as my chest and everything sounded clear. So he ran bloods (Thank god for my hickman line). He wanted to draw normal blood too but he knew what my veins were like as he had been asked to cannulate me a few times when he was on nights and my cannulers kept failing. He had a look and alittle poke but gave up. Said that if the bloods showed wrong results or anything he would come back for another go.

So I spent all of Sunday sleeping and throwing up. By tea time I was starting to feel better, though I still had a temp, but I was able to keep fluid down again so mum bought me some food in, which also stayed down.

Slept right through the night but morning obs showed that my temp still hadnt come down, even though I felt cold. Saw my normal doctor again, he was worried about my temp and said I would probably need anti biotics but they where still waiting on cultures.

I slept most of Monday morning, had my dinner and then mum came to collect me. Went home and decided to go for a nap in my own bed.. Didnt think I would sleep for a further 3 hours. Had my tea and came back to the ward again. So that was my weekend. So much sleeping is unbelievable. But tonight my temp is back to normal, my heart rate is back down to where it usually is for me and I feel a hell of a lot better. So hopefully im going to avoid the anti bioitcs and I have just slept whatever it was off.

Mum thinks that perhaps i over did it on Saturday. I dont know. But I felt rough on sunday.

Where also looking into getting me my own wheelchair. Not exactly what I had planned to ask for for christmas, but looks like im going to be needing it. Dreams of jumping on the coach to visit friends in scotland and london are getting further and further away. Plus being in a wheelchair sucks. Not to mention my parents are old, they really cant push me around all the time. My dad has bad arthritis and my mum needs a knee replacement so pushing me around is far from ideal. But I just dont see any other option at the moment. Walking more than 10 steps I get out of breath and its so tiring. It just feels like a huge step backwards. Getting a trachy was supposed to cure me of my breathlessness, but it hasnt and I dont know why or where to go to next. I cant help but think perhaps there is something else wrong with me to make me this way. I havnt had the courage to ask yet.

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  1. we'll just have to come and see you :)