Sunday, November 08, 2009

Breathing Space

Its been a mad few days. I feel like I have lived on my nebuliser. I havnt slept through a whole night yet without waking because my breathing is so restricted. I cant walk anywhere, even going the bathroom I come back gasping. I tried going shopping in Tescos with mum on Saturday. My throat became so tight that I felt like I had to physically suck air into my lungs, my chest muscles where killing me. Mum could tell I was struggling. She kept asking if I wanted to go and sit in the car. I said no. I couldnt tell her that I didnt want to sit in the car alone incase I went into respiratory arrest again. I was starting to panic, it really did feel like I was going to pass out.

Its really not a nice feeling, struggling for breath all the time. I could manage it when it was only struggling for breath on things like running up the stairs, but half the time Im getting this now just sitting still. It is exhausting me so much that I have been getting up late and still going for an hour nap in the afternoon. Problem is, I still wake up from my nap gasping and having to jump straight on my nebuliser.

Mum said before that I cant live like this and I think she is right. As much as I dont want it, im going to have to look into a permeant Tracheostomy. Just the thought of it makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. But I think that I have pretty much reached the stage now where things are unbearable. I really dont want to consider having it done. Plus I dont have time now till the summer to have it done. Can I last that long as things are? I have a lot to think about.

I cant keep complaining about this to my surgeon, I already feel like he has had enough of me. I bet he regrets taking my case on. I dont see him again till two weeks on monday. That seems like an awful long way a way to live like this.

Saw my GP on Friday. The amlodipine hasnt even touched my pulse or blood pressure, they where both still very high. She has doubled my dosage now up to the maximum of 10mg. My bloods all came back clear again apart from my white blood cell count. I have to go for an ECG on monday now and I have to have more blood tests to check my hemoglobin and fasting glucose. She is still looking for the cause of my high blood pressure and wants to decrease my effexor dose again next week when i see her.

She started asking me all kinds of questions about if I was self harming and if I was suicidal. Mum was in the room so of course I lied my way through and said no I was fine. She asked when I last harmed and I just said about 3 weeks ago. Which is true as I havnt had the energy to do anything lately.

When we got out the doctors mum said to me, so what happened you got straight out of hospital and started harming again! I just shrugged and said I only did it once. I couldnt tell her I was doing it in the hospital. I think she may have had a heart attack if I did.

I needed a break so I went out with Alison on friday night. We went out for a meal. It was nice. But the topic of conversation soon turned to Peter. And of course in turn that went to Dave and me in hospital an all those other fun subjects. I kinda felt distanced from them all while talking about them and blocked most feelings out. Still not nice though.

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