Thursday, November 05, 2009

back to the ward

Well I did end up in hospital, again!
I was feeling really breathless, so mum said why not go the walk in centre and get your oxygen saturations checked. i agreed to this, thinking if there fine then I have nothing to worry about and if there low, i can go look for treatment.

Well I got there and was taken through to triage and hooked upto the machine. The nurse looked at the numbers and said hang on I will be right back and went to get another nurse to help her. My pulse was 145. They took it mannual and said it was irregular. Listened to my chest to which they said it was clear. They then said they that they wouldnt be happy with me going home. They were going to send me to the royal, but I mentioned that I was on C ward in the cardio hospital. they didnt know how to have me addmitted to there as there is no A&E.

So they rang the ward, who put them thruogh to my consulatants registrar who said he would admit me. 5 minutes later the hospital phoned back and said they had a bed for me. So i go to leave and the staff at the walk in then say there not happy for me to go in my condition with my mum. they wanted to phone an ambulance to take me incase there were any problems on the way down there. After much persuasion I managed to talk them out of it on the condition that I went straight there and used a wheel chair to get from the car to the ward.

So that was me stuck in the ward yet again. didnt get any sleep as i was in the main ward where people where in and out all night. saw my surgeon the next morning and told him what happened. He said he would take me down for another broncoscopy while I was in so he could check everything and then I could go home.

Went down for my bronc at 4 and came back at 5. Asked the nurse if i could still go home that night, she said she doubted it, but could go home early next morning. the surgeon came to the ward to see me and again confirmed that I could go home first thing the next morning. I looked at him and said can I go tonight please. he thought for a moment,t hen said, you do live right opposite the hospital, so I supposse so as long as you come straight back if there are any problems.

So by 8 i was home again. YAY.
Thought i was going to get readdmitted though. Went to sleep about 11 but at 3am, I woke struggeling to breathe. It once again felt like i was breathing thruogh a straw. I couldnt cough as my throat was so sore and dry. I spent about an hour trying to clear it. in the end I decidied that i would plug my nebulizer in give it one go and if it didnt work then I would go wake up my parents an go back the hospital. Luckily, by the time I ran one neb through I was able to cough it clear. Still scary though.

So i have woken up this morning, feeling crap, too hot, too cold, sore throat, headache, aching all over. feel really rough. Suppossed to be going for a blood test on the way home too. Was suppossed to get it yesterday but of course being on the ward meant I couldnt. I just need to sleep, but im in college now. Not that it is doing me any good being in here, I cant concentrate on anything and so im just traweling the web.

In other news Peters trial got adjourned till Janurary. I am considering writting to him if i can, not sure yet. Bloody january though.

Oh well enough moaning for one post.

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