Monday, November 02, 2009


I feel like absolute crap today.
Since I woke up I have been achey, headache, tired and nausea's.
Got a horrible feeling this is going to put me back in hospital. Probably something to do with stopping the steroids too quick. I think it was too quick anyway. At the least I have a GP appointment on Friday so hopfully I wont get to bad, and I can always ring the docs if I feel any worse.
I also have new red lines on my stomach. I think they are stretch marks, they kinda look like they have been there a while, but they where not that red last time I looked at them.

I havnt got time to be ill at the moment. I should have been working on my assignment today, but just didnt feel up to it. Have to do it tomorrow night when I get home from college. fun. I dread getting up tomorrow.

Oh and its Peters trial tomorrow. Im not sure what time, but im sure it will be on the news by the evening.

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