Friday, August 09, 2013

Still here

I'm still home.
There is still a lot of hospital stuff going on.
Tuesday I had my stitches replaced,
Wednesday I had to go for blood tests.
Today I had chest clinic.
anf tomorrow is Liver transplant clinic in Leeds.

Things are tiring. Breathing is hard work. To the point that it any walking, be it flat or slow, leaves me gasping. Stairs are a complete nightmare. I go up them slow, yet it still takes me over 5 minutes to catch my breath at the top. My breathing is very noisey and a little embarssing. So admitedly I have been avoiding walking in public.

But Monday is back to London for a review and surgery. So hopefully I will get some answers. I am trying to stay positive. I mean, at one point I didnt think that I would ever get back out of hospital. Yet here I am sitting at home. Yet there is still that part of me that knows the signs, knows how tight things have gotten and knows the pain that has been there. But I remain hopeful. I dont think they could leave me like this for long, so hopefully a plan will be put together. I just hope that they listen to me and actully hear me. I tell them that breathing is a struggle, but they only see me when I have been sitting still, so I dont think they see the extent of it. Its just exhausting sometimes.

Next week, I will hopefully know more and then I can feel a little more settled. And this weekend? Well, I have my niece here all weekend, and my parents are away. Much cuddeling and fun is to be had. Not to mention lots of junk food and sugar. I need this to recharge before heading in for the next round.

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