Sunday, March 17, 2013


There once was a time when I read all the blogs that I followed, usually within an hour of them being posted. The inspiration, the words, the pictures, used to be what I thrived on. Yet now, I barely find time to update my own blog never mind read others.

I want to keep up with writing. It has proven important in so many ways. it lets me let off steam and gives me a chance to reflect. It also lets me fill in gaps when my memory fails.

I guess this is my apology for not commenting and writing enough. Im not sure where my time has gone really. Well, I guess a lot of it has gone into helping my Dad. We had an extension built on the house before Christmas  Since then, we have spent a lot of time working on decorating and refitting stuff. Mainly the kitchen. the kitchen is a huge task, but it is coming together slowly. And of course if power tools were not fun enough, I get to do the geeky stuff like wiring.

Did I mention that i coloured my hair?
Ignoring the lame selfie shot, you can see the purple. Under some light, it looks bright, under others, more of a brown, but i like it.

Oh and I was in London last week for clinic. That was fun. (enough sarcasm) My surgeon hardly had time to see me, so things were pretty rushed. He had a quick glance down my airway and said it didnt look to bad, but he dosnt want to do anything with it for a while. Basically, I am going to be going back in the middle of May under his care. Between then an now he wants to do as little as possible. Then when I go in, he is going to take the trach out and leave me for a week, so the hole closes up. He wants me throat to get as bad as it can, hence why I will be in hospital to deal with an emergencies. He needs to know the areas where things are at the worst, so that he can repair them.

It is a very scary thought, especially as i know how quick i can go down. If i am honest, the thought terrifies me and and plays hard on my PTSD issues. I know that I will be in hospital and i know the team will be aware and keeping an eye on things. But that dosnt take the fear completely away.

I am just trying to forget about it for now. I have 8 weeks to get through first. And next weekend should be a fun one anyway. so yay.

Whilst in London though, it snowed. Not the white fluffy stuff, but the stuff that comes down hard and wet for 10 minutes untill you are soaked and then stops and the sun comes out. It was odd and horrible at the same time.

I took Mum on the eye and you could see the sky change colour across London. Just wish i had had my proper camera with me.

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