Wednesday, March 27, 2013

fun weekend

I had an amazing weekend.
My parents were away and my niece came to stay.
I think she got to know me a lot better than before. More so the real me, not the me who has to watch everything I do in front of my mum.
Most of the time it was only silly stuff that we did, but being able to talk and come and go as we pleased was fun.

I took her to an art cafe, where you can sit an make things. She made a big letter B for her room whilst I began work on a peacock that is going to take me a long time to finish. There was lots of inspiration, but more so, just sitting singing and talking in the car and such.

We had lots of snow at the weekend, well I say at the weekend it was more so on Friday. The temperature had gone up a little by Sunday, so we went and used the untouched snow in the garden to make a snowman. My niece had never made a snowman before. He turned out rather funky.

I am exhausted from the weekend. Though, tomorrow I have to be up stupidly early for heamtology clinic, then the same on Thursday for respiratory clinic and again monday for a surgical review. My what an exciting life.

Oh and talk about ironic, I cut my finger open, whilst opening a glass vial of antibiotics the other day. well I guess you couldnt really ask for a better thing to cut yourself on.

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