Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tonight's menu

It just occurred to me, that I dont think I posted any pictures of my blanket. When I was in Florida in June, I fell in love with a sort of patchwork quilt. I adore patchwork and have a bed spread on my bed, but one day hope to have some one of a kinda type ones, maybe even get around to making my own one day. But anyway, this one, was light, but I fell in love with the quote on it.
Family ties are precious threads no matter where we roam, they draw us to the ones we love and pull our hearts toward home.

Since coming home, it has lived in my hospital bag. It smells of home and fits perfectly on my bed when in hospital. Plus, I hate getting in to bed of a day, makes you feel like you are sick, so having it on my bed, not only reminds me of home, but gives me something to snuggle with of a night. And everybody comments on it. I could have sold it at least 10 times.

Mt cannula failed again and so had to be resited. Its not in the nicest of position and means and work with my hands has to be limited, but it is in and work which is always a good thing. I told the doc who put it in that he could come again, as he did it in half the time it takes most to even find a suitable place.

Least on this ward, they let me stay in charge of my own meds, which saves waiting for the nurses to figure them out and such. It makes sense for me to do them as I do them at home and dont like to get out of the habbit. The problem however, is that the drawers are getting to the point where they need to be bigger ha.

My everyday meds fit, but I need more space for dressings and such really. Plus they are discussing trying me on two new meds, which will add in as well.

On the topics of meds, tonight for supper we have an assortment of little coloured things.
The top syringe is my pain meds. The other two are used for mixing up nebulised solutions. Nebuilsers are basically liquid medication, that are put in a special machine, that turns them into mist, kinda like steam, so I can breathe them in. Thankfully I have a new machine, else what I have on this pic, would take about two hours thiry mins to run through. My machine gets them through in about 40 mins instead. My nebs of generally 4 times a day and the tablets twice a day.

And to follow up for desert
we have nice IV infusion of antibiotics. This is the good stuff, and what I am actually stuck in hospital for at the minute. But, with a bit of luck, it will all help and I will feel much better then I get out of here.
so yay.


  1. Hi Kim, I'm sorry I've not commented on a few posts . . . always pushed for time here. As I type now Hamper G is "wanting" something . . . what's new!
    I noticed your quilt on your previous post of your hospital room, I thought there might be a story behind it, it's lovely.
    Wow, that's a lot of meds to remember every day, although I suppose you're used to them by noiw.
    I was pleased to read they did the MRI without removing your tube . . . A small blessing eh.
    I would hate an MRI scan . . . I was scared enough when I had a CT scan (for lungs) but the thought of going through that tunnel scares me witless.
    Anyway, Hamper G really wanting her sylvanian toys out now . . . and I exoect in ten minutes it will be something else . . . O well, such is life.
    Glad to read you're feeling better and hope the anti-biotics kick in real soon. Take good care Kim, looks like you're in the best place and like you said, at least on this ward they ask you questions and value your input . . . thats good. Thinking often of you x

  2. Just passing through and wanted to wish you well. Lovely quilt. It truly is a comfort blanket. :-)