Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Remember that admission from like 6 weeks ago? The one I chased up 2 weeks ago and they said the lines had been crossed and they would get me in asap? Well I rang today to see what was happening with it. After a few phone calls of, its not down to me, ring this hospital, no its not down to me ring the first hospital again and being passed back and forth, the only answer I have been given, is that nobody knows about any admission again. They are going to call me back. That was at 10 am. Yeh maybe I should just give up on this. But then, I dont even have a follow up appointment as I was being admitted gah.

The other problem with it, is that the same docs have organised an MRI. I need the MRI to see the conditions of my blood vessels due to previous clots in my jugular. They are hoping to use this information to fit a port in my chest, allowing easier IV access. All sounds well and good. However, the problem lies, in that I have a tube in my throat, one that right now, can not be taken out safely. Last MRI I had, I had to have a ENT doc with me, to take the tube out for the scan and get it back in as quick as possible. That was just a neck scan that could be done in less than 5 minutes. This time, it is going to be a full chest and upper body scan, which takes much longer. If they do take my tube out, it can only be out for a maximum of 10 minutes, given my bodies love to heal everything quick. I had hoped I would be admitted by now to explain all this to them, rather than trying to vocalise on the phone. The scan is this week, so time is getting a bit tight. Alas, we shall see what tomorrow brings.

In lighter news, we have builders in at present, extending the house. They are nice guys, even if one does wear a silly hat. So things are a little up the wall, but hopefully it will be worth it once everywhere is built.

My niece is here also. I treated us to a candy king (Pick and mix) the other day. We have them every so often, but we more so enjoy playing candy king tetris haha. Basically, seeing how much you can fit into one cup. Well you pay by cup size, so it makes sense to squidge and pack it tight. I won as I got 50g more than her in mine. I like being a big kid.

We also went out with my parents over the weekend to some garden centre type places. It was very festive feeling as everywhere has their decorations out. Plus, right now the house smells of christmas cake. Mum usually bakes hers in September to give them time to mature, but she is late this year and so has been baking today. I dont like christmas cake, but the smell always reminds me of spending the day baking with her. 

I do love the Autumn months. The way the world changes colour before your eyes. I hate being cold, but i love the cold. Its so much easier to breathe. Not to mention, you can wear almost anything, but when you leave the house, you put your comfortable boots on and a big coat and suddenly you look tidy. I also love the warmth of pulling a hat over your ears when leaving the house.

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  1. Hi Kim, My son (13) was told to put some of his sweets back out of his Candy King cup, he'd stuffed it way too full!
    Me too, I'm loving the Autumn; boots and coats, scarves and gloves . . . And Christmas lights starting to twinkle everywhere. It's great how a fragrance can bring back so many memories isn't it . . . mmmmm, I could just eat some Christmas cake now, with thick white royal icing and silver beads . . .Or even mince pies and cream. I've just added them to tomorrow's shopping list.
    I hope you get a chance to talk to them and put your mind at ease before the scan, it must be worrying to know there is a ten minute limit. Can they take the tube out and put it in whilst you're awake . . Or could they not scan with the tube in place?
    Hoping and praying that all goes well for you Kim, as always. Sending love to you x x x