Friday, October 26, 2012

Close but not quite

The title is in reference to where I am currently. I expected to be admitted and I have been, yet it was not in the imagined way. (this post was posted on Wednesday, but silly blogger put it in the wrong blog and I have only just realised.)

About 4 weeks ago, my chest doc said he would admit me for a course of iv antibiotics. As far as I knew, I was still waiting on a bed. I didn't chase it up too much as I know I get the most benefits from a 2 week add mission but I had my holiday to Greece planned.

I rang on Monday and somewhere messages have gotten mixed up. I was down for a surgical review as they are going to look at putting a port in my chest (a port will allow me to have better iv access, and but I will cover more of that another day.) so they forgot I needed an admission as well. After a lot of phone calls, finally I think it is sorted, however, I am once again on a wait list for a bed.

That takes me to yesterday. I spent most of night tossing about in bed and feeling generally ill. This is most unusual for me as usually once I am settled there is no moving for 12 hours. By 8am I had given up. I couldn't put my finger on but I felt rough. I often feel ill for one reason or the other, but this was beyond anything I have felt for a few years. I ended up with an emergency gp appointment though the thought of the effort involved in doing this made me want to scream. With a lot of encouragement I made it.

It was decided that it was another migraine, though it felt like more to me. I was given yet another type of migraine med as the last ones were not knocking it out and sent home to sleep.

By evening my temp had shot up, every part of me ached, coughing was agony and I could not keep anything in my body. Because I had spent most of the day curled up, and my breathing then began to play up to. I felt like death and I worried that things would get worse overnight. I just wanted to go to sleep, but my parents didn't think that was a good idea given how quick I had gotten ill. They have many memories of me going to bed with a cough and a slight temp, only to be woken up early in the morning with me needing urgent help with pneumonia.

They wanted me to go to a&e, but I couldn't stand the thought. My emergency department is in a horrible hospital that sends me loopy every time I go in. I wasn't in the best emotionally and so I threw a bit of a temper and refused. In the end we came to a compromise to ring my old ward and ask there advice. They told me to come over and they would get the on call doc to review me.

In short, they kept me in overnight and took me to theatre today. My temp seems to have settled and I have kept food and drink down. They cleared out my throat and changed my tube for me. The tube they changed to, after a bit of researching is longer than my usual tube, therfore it should fit through where the scar tissue is building up. It's temporary until my new tube comes in but should allow me to breathe better. The though at present it is very painful. I am doped up but that will ease of the next couple of days hopefully.

Tomorrow I should be discharged and then back to waiting for the add mission for iv meds.

Seem to go around in circles. Just odd, as I spent a full 3 months on this ward but have not been here for about 3 years. The room seems so familiar. Though they are nice rooms, very very big rooms.

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