Monday, September 24, 2012


Easier than typing. Hope you can hear it.
Please ignore the state of my hair, just got mum to wash it an tie it up for me so I could bathe.

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  1. Hi Kim, It was so nice to see this here this morning, to know you're OK. I mean, I know you're not well at all, but you know what I mean . . . to hear you talk and see the person who writes here. Thanks for sharing this with us, bless your heart.
    It's been busy here all day and quite noisy, so I'm gonna listen to it again now the kids have (finally) gone to bed!
    I really hope and pray that you'll feel some improvement in the next couple of days, somehow . . . I don't know how, but I'll just keep hoping and praying and wishing for you to get enough health and energy to do some of those good things you were planning. Sleep well Kim, and thanks again for sharing this, Goodnight x