Sunday, September 09, 2012


Well, I am still not breathing right, its getting kind of annoying now.
I am telling myself that it is nothing to worry about, I have been through this before and it does clear. I am happy enough with that.

The hard part is that, it has never been this server or this long lasting. Normally my peak flow drops to about 120 minimum for maybe 3 days. Right now, it has been about 5 days and my peak flow currently sits at a rather scary 80 l/m. Its frustrating as even the most simple tasks leave me panting and I am unable to finish my sentences in one breath. Its never been this low and I know I am only dealing with it, because my body has adjusted to crappy oxygen levels. All I seem to be doing is taking pain killers and either sleeping or struggling to stay awake.

I have to have a backup plan. My plan is, if things have not dramtically improved by Tuesday, then I will contact my surgeon and ask him for an emergency review on the wednesday.

I need something in my life other than illness and hospital. And I am still searching for something. But this latest flare up, is making my search that much harder.

Time, time is all I need at this point.

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  1. Hi Kim, Peak flow of 80 must be scary, very scary. My lowest was 120 and that was with pneumonia. I think I average about 250 which is not brilliant, but it's liveable with.
    I hope it improves so that you can continue your search for something. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you; wanting to socialise and do some work and not having the stamina or breath. It really doesn't seem fair . . . And it isn't.
    I so hope this gets a bit better for you this week Kim, Take care x