Sunday, August 05, 2012


Things are on the up.

Friday night, my GP phoned, my mum spoke to her as I avoid phones due to not being able to get my voice loud enough and crappy hearing.

From what I can tell, she didnt want to prescribe my hypertonic saline nebs to me, until she had spoken to other doctors, due to me being a high risk patient. This is when I had a difficult few years with depression, which is a time I am not very proud of. I am at the point where although I regret the things I did, I also understand them, given the tasks that my mind was trying to come to terms with. Although I hope this time is behind me, I am not niave enough to think that I will never face them again. However, I also know, that right now, I am just working at health with no real bad thoughts getting through. I do hope, that my doctor can appreciate this as we go along and learn to trust me once again.

Anyway, she thinks that the nebs can be abused (though I truly have no idea how as its just salty water) but after speaking it through with the other doctors and my mum, she has no prescribed them. Whilst on the phone, my mum also mentioned that the painkillers she had prescribed were not working and that I was truly struggling to manage the pain. So, I have no been prescribe oramorph (Liquid morphine.) This is a stage that I never really wanted to reach, morphine to me is still something that you should only have in hospital. But, it is working and knowing it is there and being able to take it as and when, means that I am coping with things much better. This makes managing things much easier and I have been active for 2 days on the run, where as I could only be active every other day due to the pain last week.

Next week I should get the results of my CT scan and my cultures to see if I have any nasty bugs growing and any other problems. I expect the CT to be clear and imagine there might be something growing in my chest that will probably require some additional antibiotics. Then, hopefully we should be smooth sailing.

Apart from that, I am keeping up with my nebs and antibiotic nebs, using plenty of humidification and my usual meds and physio.

I have also had an urge to start making christmas cards ha. I am a very last minute person so its good to start now. I have made 3 this week, which I need to photo tomorrow and put on my other blog. Crafting makes me feel a lot better and so I am going to try and do more of it. maybe even look into selling bits. For now i have plenty to keep me occupied. Though, I need to use up some of what I have in without buying anything new craft wise. I am setting myself a challenge (as i just got myself a new set of cutting shapes for my machine) to not buy any new craft things until the craft show in September. And when I go the show, I will set myself a budget too.

Oh and I am also thinking of starting a kind of patchwork cushion using photos on material, but that still needs a little more thought yet.

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  1. Better to be on as required morphine if it helps you do stuff you wouldn't otherwise be able to do because of pain.

    As for abusing hypertonic saline - that's a new one on me! Seriously, as a hospital doc, I have NEVER come across that. Sounds like your GP may have been trying to justify not prescribing them initially.