Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have been absolutely rubbish at keeping this up to date at the moment. I usually right just before I go to bed, I find it helps me sleep by clearing my head. But recently, by the time I get to bed, I am too wiped out to write anything coherent. Not that I am usually coherent but yeh.

I am back home (yay) but given that I have just gotten out of hospital, things are not perhaps as good as they could be.

The doctors eventually got my tube back in. I went up to theatre to have it done, but anesthisea thought I was to high risk for what needed to be done if i were asleep. So instead, I spent an hour in theatre, surrounded by equipment, whilst a couple of doctors literally forced tubes into my throat to widen my airway. They promised that if it got to much, they would knock me out, but they would prefer to get it in without doing that.

It took a while and it was not the most pleasant of experience, but the tube was in and I was grateful to not have to get over the effects of anesthtic again.

Breathing wise, I would say I am back on level with the place I was just before my last admission. Breathing is restricted and the tube can only be left in certain places else i cant breathe at all. However, one new additional issue, is a lot of pain. Any movement in my throat causes pain. so coughing is pretty awful as if heavy breathing. This means the more active i am, the more painful things are. This is something I need to sort with a doc soon as controlling pain is not an easy task. My usual favourites, dihydracodiene hardly do anything now and my back up of oramorph does even less. Another bridge to cross, but this should hopefully be an easy one, as long as I get a nice doctor.

On a lighter note, my niece has been here since I got home on Thursday which has been nice. She is able to do my running round like fetching me things for me and waking me with morning cuddles. Yesterday, we went to see the Lorax in the cinema. I had a small obsession with anything Dr Seuss. I used to love his books and characters and can recite a lot of them off the top of my head. Actually, at this stage, even my dad knows one fish two fish off the top of his head. so I was really looking forward to the Lorax.

And I was not disappointed. I thought I would be as the Lorax has always been my absolute favourite book. But it was wonderful. Enough humour and enough bulk to the story without straying too far from the original. the characters where lovable and the animation was flawless. Even the 3d was really effective. Perhaps its because i usually wear glasses, but I often find that 3d films blur slightly or I have to sit in the same position without moving. But for the lorax, I put my contact lenses in and it was so clear and i could move anywhere.

And that is where I am up to. My niece has gone home now and I am settling back in to normality.


  1. O Kim, I dont know how you cope with it, at all . . . I really don't. That would be my worse nightmare, in theatre, awake! having a tube shoved down my throat!! horrendous, you are so brave and patient.
    I suppose you build up a tolerance of pain killers, which must make it hard to get the right amount.
    I'm gonna take Hamper to the Lorax, we too love Dr Seuss books.
    Really hoping you feel better soon, and are able to breathe without so much pain.
    Take care x

  2. Hope you get the pain sorted out soon ... I know you handle a lot of stuff, but pretty constant, unremitting pain really can take its toll on a person. AND I LOVED THE LORAX MOVIE!! My 27 year old daughter and I saw it the first week it came out in theater here!! The animation was incredible, and I usually hate 3D, but it was incredibly well done in this movie! :D