Saturday, March 10, 2012

It has been a busy week, well no on reflection it hasnt really, but it has been a tough week.
A lot of adjustments have been made, but I am slowly setteling in to new routines so far with only a few minor hicups like having the wrong size suction catherters and a bit of a panic with tube mirgration.
Its actully that which is causing the most issues this week.
My tube was stitched close to my collar bone on insertion. But once the stitches came out, the tube has slowly been making its way towards my chin. Its not moved a great a deal, maybe 3cm, but enough to leave open wounds and a few hospital calls whilst I checked to make sure it was safe to move.
Turns out it is, just my useless trachea not holding much force, but it will find its own spot apparently.
In the mean time, it causes a heck of  alot of pain, which has meant that I am still on painkiller which I hate and they make me sleepy, so I have slept loads.

But the weekend draws closer and whilst I dont have any specific plans, the week has still been nice. Turns out my dad has an infection in his foot, so he has been off work sick for a few days. Which is odd as I only ever recall my dad being off work sick once in my lifetime.

Its hard when you realise your parents are getting old. Its a time when I should be looking after them, not vice versea. But then, I am now the only child in contact with my parents, which is sad in itself, but I worry about what will happen as they get older. Who will look after them? Mum is forever putting my Dad down and it hurts to watch, I stick up for him when I can, but its still hard.

This is why I need to get well. This is why I hate trachs, they slow you down.
But, on a more positive note, I got a copy of my offical ENT refferal letter today, the one offering my care to the Professor in charge of the research into trachea issues. I have met him many times before and he was my first port of call. But now, after exhausting all other surgeries, I have to put my trust into him, if anyone has the skills to improve my breathing, its him.

I do have other news on that front, but as of yet, I am not ready to share it.

On a whole other subject, I am having some very freaky dreams recently. I blame it on the painkillers, but its so real. Last night, I walked through a cemetery as a short cut with my dad, but it was haunted, and a little ghost girl came to hold my hand and asked me to walk her across the road. Very odd. When we got home, it turned out we were in the middle of being robbed, but I caught the lads in the living room so stopped them from leaving and called the police. Turned out one of the lads was a boy I knew in school. It was strange. Ah well lets see what tonight brings.

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