Thursday, February 09, 2012


 I have a tshirt with wings on the back! How cool is that.
Though it is a crappy pic, but you try taking a pic of your back.

Today was Liver clinc. I went for my bloods for clinic on Monday, where I was actully surprised. Usually, there are about 30-40 people in front of me in the blood room quee, so i went aromoured with my book and music and such. But upon entering the waiting room, I first noticed how quiet it was. When I sat down, and looked at my number, there were 2 people in front of my. 2!! That has never happened before. I barley had time to remove my jacket and catch my breath. But it was oh so wonderful.

So, clinic, in short bloods are all clear, Liver is working perfectly, kidneys are slightly overworking, but that does them no harm and my med levels are all fine. so yay.

I do however have a few things that need looking at. My pulse and blood pressure are once again concerning.  My resting pulse averages at about 110 bpm, when it should be about 70-80. As I am already on meds, I need to get a review on that one.

I also plucked up the courage to mention my worsening bowel issues, which they found a little concerning. The team are going to review that one and get back to me. It could be a number of things and my guess is adhesions from all the abdo surgery. However it is an area I struggle with and really dont want to go through many of the tests. So, that is one they are going to get back to me on. So could end up with another clinic. In a way I want to say, forget it I am fine. But i know its getting worse and more and more painful. It just feels sometimes like my body is fighting against me.

Apart from that, everything else is going well. Breathing is behaving, though I have had to go back on the painkiller for a day or two as I have pulled a muscle from coughing. I have to keep it as pain free as possible, else I subconsciously stop coughing and thats when problems arise.

Anyway, coughing I can deal with and breathing I am managing. So all good I think.

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  1. Hey Kim, been reading the last few days and just want to say i'm glad you have some good news, finally.
    And that shirt is cool!
    If you need anything, talk, rant, just a chat, you know where i am.
    love ya