Friday, January 27, 2012

Some more tests

Today was respiratory clinic.
Ever get the feeling that a doctor is clutching at straws to diagnose you? I think it irks them when you don't fit neatly onto their little boxes.

My cough is apparently disgusting, but I guessed that. He went into this big long spiel about how even if my trachea were normal, chances are I would still have a lot of chest issues as my lungs are so still scared and permanently inflamed.

He asked me about my sleep and the nurse in the room suppressed a giggle while she told him that I had drifted off in my mums shoulder in the waiting room. He how my sleep was and mum told him about me being able to sleep through things like the phone or my alarm clock.

So the next method of trying to control my body, is to go for a sleep test. Of course my dad has since quipped in about how that's one test I should pass with flying colors.

I hope I don't end up with an apnea diagnosis on top now. I don't know how that would effect things, but another machine in my collection in my room is not what I want. But if it helps then we shall see I guess.

Tomorrow is chemo morning and then I get to see my niece for the weekend before being off to London for surgery again. I have not seen her this year with all the traveling. I can't wait for one of those long cuddles.

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