Sunday, January 22, 2012


There is a habbit that I need to get out of.
I have this thing, where I hate having anything on my lower arms. Even when I am wearing a thick jumper, I find myself pushing the sleves up to my elbows.
Normally, this is not a problem, but with all the recent hospital trips, I am begining to look like either a drug addict or a battered wife.
Bear in mind that these are almost a week old.

 I am working on tellimg my parents the hard facts of what it going on, but I cant bring myself to say the words direct. I am telling them gently, letting them get used to each step. I think Dad gets the situation more than Mum right now. He looks at me with such sorrow and just says he does not know what to say or suggest. Mum seems to think that I will just keep going as is, that maybe after one of these surgeries everything will suddenly be ok.

I am trying to keep up, but right now it is hard. After 12 hours sleep last night, I helped mum with the shopping day for 2 hours, then came home and slept for another 4. the exhaustion is the killer. Where I used to be able to manage flat ground at an even pace without getting breathless, I find now, that even that leaves me breathing heavy. It cant just be unfitness.

I messaged my niece earlier, about how I was going to try and see her before my next admission. Her reply,Sounds fun, just take care and be careful cos to tell you the truth you mean the world to me and the world would not be the same with out you.

She knows nothing of the newest developments. In one way, I want to hug her so tight and hold her close, while in another, I want to push her way so she dosnt get hurt. To the world, you maybe one person, but to one person you maybe the world.

Right now, the lyrics to this one, seem to be the most prominent.

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  1. Kim, just read of the last few days...dont know what to say except I am so sorry.
    Much love