Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas

Whoa 5 days since I last posted eek.
But, you will notice that I am posting at my usual time, which means I am currently sitting on my bed typing yay.
I fixed my laptop. Well kinda, but it is still dying.
And then, I found an offer too good to refuse and so, I am now using a shiny new laptop. YAY.

Today we are having our second Christmas day.
My niece has come so last night she got new PJs for bed and a stocking this morning. Followed by presents. So its our pretend Christmas day.

I have had my date through for London. I go in on the 3rd, with surgery planed for the same day. A little bit of anxiety is starting to sink in now. The main bit being thoughts about how hard it was last time to get the trach out, what if that happens again. But, I cant keep going the way I am and right now, this is the only option. So, its fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky with an open reconstruction and skin grafts. I have decided 2012 is going to be the year I get better. By this time next year, I am going to be well, free from antibiotics and surgery and hopefully working.

As for the end of this year, I am working on trying to get well. I started with a cold 2 days ago and could not stop sneezing. Today it feels like it is setteling on my throat and moving to my chest. But I am already on two sets of anti biotics. If it does begin to settle, i'm not sure what course to take as the other main spectrum I cant take for it messing with my anti rejection med levels. And I cant go for a big op if I'm ill.So at the moment, its plenty of staying warm, resting and doing all I can to keep my chest clear. But it is getting to the stage where my muscles are so sore from coughing and I get evil looks everwhere i go while people mutter about not spreading germs. meh.

But apart from that, things are all good.
Its been an unusual Christmas, quiet yet busy, but still a good one.
And now I have a new computer, I can get round to uploading my pics yay.
For now, Merry second christmas.

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