Tuesday, November 01, 2011

RIP Jimmy Saville

(This was actuly written yesterday, but silly me posted it in the wrong blog, doh)

He was a little before my era, more my sisters time than mine.
I guess that I can use that as an excuse.
When I was in ICU not long after my transplant, Jimmy used to come visit the hospital. He did a lot of charity work for all the hospitals in the Leeds area. The first time he visited, I was deeply sedated. But he remembered me,calling me, 'his little scouse friend' when he came back a few weeks later. I was a little more alert by then, but I still didnt have a clue who he was and was unable to ask. I recall thinking, is this the bloke who plays dumbledore in the Harry Potter films.

He insisted on having a photo taken with my family. It must have been early January 2003, as I am a good coloured (not yellow) but still on dialysis. I do not look impressed at all.

But, in short, RIP Jimmy Saville. You might have been a more eccentric personality, but a lot of clebs these days should take a leaf out of your book in regards to fundraising.

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