Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Long day

Tomorrow, I think I will ache.
Well in truth, I ache now, but tomorrow will probably be worse.

I left ours at 8am this morning and apart from 20 minutes stop, i returned home about 11 tonight.

First off was radiotherapy with mum this morning. Then I had to go the the doctors. I needed to pick up my script, pick up some culture forms, leave a sample, hand in 2 discharge sheets and make an appointment for my flu jab. Oh what fun.

Then we stopped off for a late breakfast in weatherspoons, yum pancakes. Took mum for bread and milk and got my prescription sorted and then stopped at home, where I ran a couple of nebs to get me through the day.

Next I had to shoot up to my sisters, as she had a scan in hospital and I went with her for moral support.

From there, we were not far from costco, so went in to have a wander as they usually have the most wonderful christmas stuff. But I must say, I am not overly impressed this year.

From there we stopped at the supermarket to get tea in and I fell in love with a dress. Me a dress, I know! Not to mention its a Gok Wan dress and I dont agree with his principles. blah

Then we went home and had tea. oh damn, that reminds me, I forgot my apple juice. I have discovered the most wonderful winter drink.
If I said it tasted of winter, would you get what I meant? Its kinda, apple and cloves and cinnamon and yum. You heat it up and drink it warm, but it is so scrumy that I can see myself going through a lot of it this winter.

So yeah, by the time I got back to my sisters and we had tea and cleared up and I taught my niece how to tie a tie, ready for changing school next week and then I drove home, it was 11. Its been a long time since I have gotten through a whole day, I usually dont begin till mid day and days Ig et up early I usually need a nap. I just know that tomorrow I will pay for it.

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