Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodish news.

hmm so spell check tells me goodish is a word, who knew ha.

So this morning was finally my follow up to chest clinic.
After running a heap of tests, my lungs do show some inflammation, but nothing that would give me the degree of discomfit that I have.
However, my cultures, for the past couple of years, have shown an unusal bug. Its normally a stomach bug/germ but it is in my lungs. They ran tests to try and find out why or how it has gotten into my lungs, but they all came back clear. So it is a mystery, but could have occured during any of my procedures.

So basically for the last couple of years, I have had a continous infection, which is why I have been feeling so crap all the time. When I get an infection on top of that, that is when I feel dreadful.

So the good news is, with treatment this will hopefully clear up, giving me more energy and curing my breathlessness. The down side is, they want to treat with with some super powered antibiotics for at least 10 days, which need to be given IV. So they are arranging a bed for me, and I will be admitted for 10 days before being reviewed to see where we are up to.

But yay I might be able to breathe by the end of it. How good would that be.
He called it sterilizing my lungs.
And once that is done, hopefully there wont be to muchdamage and it wont come back.
so yay.

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