Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good night Grandad

Today was the service. It was lovely.
I said my goodbyes and the tears ran right through the ceremony.
The lone bagpiper walked ahead of the funeral car and going into the church he played amazing grace.
The remaining members of his troop, The Liverpool Scotish Caemeron where there to wave him off. There are now 3 remaining members from his troop.

Moonlight and Roses was played at the end of the service, which was Harry and Audreys wedding song.
Its strange, I could virtually picture the two of them dancing together, dressed very elegantly.

His last words were to tell the nurses that he had had a good life and married the most wonderful and beautiful woman, along with having a wonderful daughter.

Rest easy Uncle Harry (honorary granddad)

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  1. Kim,

    I am sorry for your loss and the loss to your family. I am also sorry that I haven't stayed in touched recently. But I've had a lot of things going on and I generally sleep a lot these days. This getting ill stuff is kind of hard as you know. I do stop by and read your post though. I just don't always respond.
    I hope you are doing well considering, please take care of yourself.