Saturday, September 10, 2011

crapty crap

So I gave in and saw a doctor today.
The usual, lets send some cultures listen to chest. My chest sounds clear and my temp was not high. However after having to take a breathe mid sentence every time, she wanted to ar on the side of caution.

And as my sats are dropping to 90% (Should be above 95) and pulse rate of over 150 (should be 80) we agreed to start a second anti biotic. This is where the fun begins.

I am already on maximum dose of co amoxiclav, which is generally the best all rounder for my type of chest bugs. As I am more than half way through the course and they dont appear to be helping, I need the next set to be a slightly different spectrum. The best choice? Clathromycin. Now, I love these anti biotics because they smell and taste lovely. Ha yeh, ok so there not meant to taste good. But they have strong vanilla scent to them.

However, my body dilikes me taking them as they interact with my tacrolimus (prograf) Sure I dont need to mention the bad points to a med messing with your anti rejection levels. Last time I had them, I had all kinds of freaky headaches and generally bad things resulting in lots of blood tests and phone calls.

We are going to take an educated risk with them though as I really cant continue like this. And as a precaution Monday morning I will get my levels checked. By that point we should know if they are working and if they are not working, then the cultures should be back. The results can then be phoned through to the tansplant unit and my meds altered as needed.

Fun fun fun.
So after sleeping all day, I am now going back for some more. And with a bit of luck,tomorrow I should awake breathing again. yayness.

Of course, the next decision is, do I stay at home and help mum, or do I go stay at my sisters so not to pass the lurgies on. We shall see.

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