Friday, August 05, 2011

Today I feel flat on my butt and just thought I would share it with you.

There was a candle lit on the fireplace at home. But it wasnt on the top, it was on the bottom, by where the fire is and such. Well anyway, I leaned down, pretty much touching my toes and blew, with the intention of getting it to actually go out.

The flame didnt even bloody flicker, and I heard my dad laugh and I laughed at the same time.

But lame me, dosnt have a good sense of that thing called balance and so laughing, set me off balance and I feel flat on my butt.

Of course I couldnt move even more for laughing and mum walks in wondering what the hell is going on with me lying on the floor giggling.

In other news, I have coloured my hair and I am much happier with it.
The lighting here dosnt do the colour justice though.

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