Tuesday, June 28, 2011

too much heat

This heat would be wonderful, if only I had the breathe to enjoy it.

When you have a narrow airway, the dryness and heat generally makes things a lot harder. Almost makes me want to go visit the ice rink, for that cooling, swelling minimizing cool air.

So yeah, with that news, you can guess that breathing is still deteriorating. Yesterday was hard. I had promised to clean the consevertory as mum was having a friend over. But I got up in the morning and knew it was going to be hard work. I felt so restricted and my peak flow had dropped to 170, what i was averaging out to before my last big op. Each task I did, from sitting on the floor and doing it in slow motion. I didnt have the strength in my arms to move any faster. At dinner time, I sat and stared at the food for at least 10 minutes before I could even summon the energy to attempt to eat it.

Today I had clinic with my surgeon here. He said that I sound more breathless than last week. But as I am under a specialist, he does not want to mess with anything. He thinks I need the trach back in or at least more regular laser. But, the only surgical work he would feel up to doing at the moment, would be if it were a mater of life or death.

So that will all be detailed to my London surgeon and I have an outpatient appointment down there on Monday next week. In a way its annoying as I know my surgeon wont be there and its making another journey when I am needed at home. However, it is also good, because if things get worse, they have the power to take me in and sort things quicker. I just keep thinking, journeying to london and back two weeks on the run. blah.

In other news, we have a washing machine again, yay. No more piles of laundry (or there wont be in a few days) Mum is also looking rough now. Most of her hair has completely gone and she just has a few tufts of whispy hair here and there. I guess its more of a visual thing and I know how much it is affecting her. If only it were me. I could live with no hair for a while. Would save on upkeep of washing it ha. Oh well, cycle 2 starts on Wednesday, only 9 more cycles to go after that.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your moms chemo. That is always tough. I hope this finds you well. I've been on vacation so I have some catching up with everyone's blogs. Take good care of yourself.