Tuesday, March 01, 2011

More clinics

This morning was clinic with my thoracic surgeon up here. It went well, and for once, I didnt have to do the strip for an xray as I only had one last week.

His role at present is more just keeping track of me, incase of any emergencies when I am home. I trust him more than the ENT surgeons up here and much prefer his hospital. Not to mention that I have been under him for 6+ years now and he has my whole history of respiratory arrests and such.

He laughed to begin with, said it truly is amazing to hear my voice now, that I worried him in that area for a while. I told him about the ENT guy suggesting we try another stent, he didnt want to say much, but said that it would need to be a wide stent to cope with my excessive healing. He also asked if I still wanted to be under him for throat stuff, to which I of course said yes. He then said, in that case, if they put a stent in, can I ask them to update him frequently. Just incase of emergencies as he dosnt want to step on any toes so to speak.

We then spoke about what the respiratory doctor had said in regards to the bronchectsis. Asked a couple of questions about what I was coughing up and I told him about the constant infections, he already knew most about the infections as he has treated half of them. He glanced through my old scans and then said that, yes, he thinks it would be a good idea to investigate it further. He smiled and said, we didnt get much chance to investigate other causes last time did we. Ha Did I mention how much I love my surgeon. Seriously, hes a great guy and goes way out of his way for patients, coming in on days off and phoning through the night to check up on them.

He then said that he would refer me to a good lung doctor that he knows in his hospital as he trusts this doctor and they always do a good work up with patients. So this is a step in the right direction and I now have it sorted before I go back to London. I also went and got my bloods done, for repeat levels after the whole antibiotic mix up thingy.

I still doubt myself though. Cant help but think, is my breathing improving? I said to mum earlier that I thought perhaps it was, to which she replied, it dosnt sound it. Which leads me back to doubting, is it improving or am I just learning to deal with it. Time will tell I guess.

In other news my hair is really bugging me. Its at that akward length where it looks scraggy. Plus it needs redying. I would prefare to strip some colour out and then dye it as at present I have more roots than an oak tree, but, I appear to be losing a fair bit of hair at present and so people keep telling me to stop dying it. Might just stick some more purple and blue on it and hope it covers it up for now. Not sure why it is falling out, perhaps to do with my tacrolimus levels? blah we shall see.  I keep thinking of changing the colour, but I really like the current combo and I get tons of compliments on it. On average I get about 2 people a day stopping me to comment haha. But then I see someone with red and I think ooo I want it back!! I loved my super bright red. Oh I dont know haha.

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