Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Filled to the brim

I like this feeling.
I like it a lot.
I am filled once again with hope.
This month, things seem to have gotten past the hurdle that I was at.
I seem to be making head way.
And, I can but feel hope.
Every last ounce of it.
Radiating through my body.
Starting in the tips of my toes and spreading right through me with warmth and comfort.

Not only do I have hope, I can feel myself full to the brim with love, literally overflowing with the feelings I have for others. The care and respect. I am thankful and this weekend, although it was only a small thing, I was able to repay some of the thanks.

Saturday morning, mum got sick, she had a tooth infection. We didnt have time to sort a doctor out, and instead started on one of my surplus supplies of antibiotics hoping to get her through the weekend for my sakes. Turns out it did the opposite, the set dose, was too strong for her and made her even more ill. I felt so sad for her. I really do hate seeing other sick people.

I took charge of things. I went and got her meds to help with the sickness. I bought some easy on the stomach foods and managed to get her back to where we were staying and to sleep the worst of it off.

I know its only small, taking charge of the backs, cooking the food, making sure she took her meds and fluids, but it was a start. The same today coming home. I took charge of getting food and sorting tickets for the train and such. I hope this passes soon. I will elaborate more another day.

Surgery? well it is mixed news, but overall, I am hopefully for it. I am so so thankful to so many people right now, but again that is another day.

It was a wonderful anesthetic to begin with. Sometimes, they leave me tired and restless with an icky feeling, yet unable to sleep. But this one, left me sleeping soundly for a number of hours and then able to move, though I suppose the morphine does help. I can always tell when they give me that stuff, my nose itches like crazy. The anesthetic techs laughed at me when i had my big surgery, as they restrained my hands to stop me itching, so I kept twitching it instead.

I can also breathe tonight, as the swelling hasnt kicked in yet and its such a wonderful feeling, walking down the road at a proper pace.

But now, it is late, my nebs have run through, my painmeds kicked in and sleep is calling.
Lets hope this stroke of luck continues, tomorrow, oddly enough I have ENT clinic, but for my hearing now my throat.

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