Friday, March 04, 2011


Right now, I am filled to the brim with feeling content. This is what happiness feels like, so calm and peaceful.

I love waking to the sun in my eyes. I am really lucky, in that, my bedroom window faces the afternoon sun, so from about 10 am it gets really bright. I wake around 12 and it was nice, to just stretch my muscles in the sun for a short while before I began to move.

Two other residents in my house love the sun even more than me. My two tortoises. I spent time snuggling with them, holding them close, chatting away to them. Its wonderful, they once again recognize my voice and listen intently when I talk to them.

We sat in the conservatory together playing, bathing them, spoiling them by hand feeding them. They continually make me laugh. Each essentially the same, yet oh so different. Tiny who is small and gentle, loves cuddles and wouldnt hurt a fly. And Hermy, boisterous and into everything and anything he can reach. I swear they must be the most spoilt tortoises around.

After dinner, I was waiting for my painkillers to kick in, so sat on my bed to check my emails and such. The sun was fully coming through the window bringing a nice breeze with it. I ended up falling asleep on my bed in the sun. I really do love day sleep. I awoke 3 hours later, feeling wonderfully refreshed, more so than I have in a long time.

Since then, I have tidied more of my to the point, that I would say apart from my washing, that it is tidy. Finally, after it being in progress for weeks.
It wont last ha.

I just feel like I have done some productive stuff today. Despite a few pain and headache issues, I feel at ease. Useful and independent. I feel the love oozing out me. Oozing into my room, to my tortoises, to my dad in the back and forth humor and sarcasm we project to each other, the inside jokes and his expression when he is trying his hardest not to grin. To my mum, who I appreciate so much, just the little things, the ability to put up with me and do things for me when I am unable. Music that speaks to me of better days to come, of memories from the past, hope for the future.

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