Saturday, February 05, 2011


I could have been so much more.
How can you ever be expected to do something good or nice if no one will give you a break. How do you progress, when no one will reciprocate.
I am tired of reaching out and coming against a brick wall.
Just be honest with me and tell me straight.
I am reaching that point where I say, rejection is hard. So why bother reaching out?
I was fine when surrounded by my depression. I had all the comfort I needed. Who needs friends, when you have your own mind to play tricks.
Why risk facing rejection, when it is easier to hide within yourself and not make the effort in the first place.

I am ready to submit. I am ready to give in to it all. Throw it all away.
Monday, I will say, do what you want. I couldnt possibly care about anything anymore.
Im through. From here on in, Things will either get better, or I shall take control and stop them.
Childish way to act and think? Possibly.
Spoilt brat, more than likely.
But is over 8 years now.
8 years of crashing into a wall.
Of picking myself up and trying again.
But nobody will give me a break.
No one will allow me to shine or even try.
And I cant do this on my own.
Im through.
Im tired
I have had enough

1 comment:

  1. No, kim, not 'spoiled' or anything lkie that
    amazing strong for sooo long
    take a break now