Saturday, February 12, 2011

silly body & Mock invites

I think my body is trying to tell me how much it dosnt like me right now.
Yesterday, I slept for a solid 12 hours, yet woke up so exhausted that every movement took a huge effort. Mum had a hospital appointment, so I went with her to that and then stopped for bread and milk and such on the way home. I was so tempted to just sit in the car, every step felt like I was climbing a mountain.

So, when I got home, I almost instantly fell asleep, for another 2 hours. Had some tea and decided to get working on a sewing project  have on the go. Turn my computer on to look at the pattern and realise, that I can only see half of the words on the screen. Within 15 minutes, I was almost crying with pain from a migraine. So, by 9pm I was in bed with the lights off, which is mega early for me and slept right through till 12 today.

Today has been a little better. Still tired, but nothing compared to yesterday. Still have the remnants of a migraine lingering, mainly with nausea. But then, my stomach is playing up anyway from a combination of painkillers and anti biotics.

But, I need something else to work at. Something that occupies me and keeps my mind busy. My little mini projects are all well and good, but there is never a real deadline and I tend to get lazy. So, my next idea, is to perhaps, start up a small project on the side. I am thinking, of designing things, such as invitations. I have the time to put in and I may put an advertisement up on ebay for them. Mum, has also been asked to make a wedding cake for a friend of a friend, so I am going to try and send some wedding invite samples and see if they would like me to do them.

I have been playing about tonight, and come up with 3 basic designs, but I can think of a fair few others. Having trouble taking decent photos though with just my lamp, but here are a couple of samples.

I was going with a kinda of Burgundy / Cerise color scheme, as that seems to be in around here at the minute. This first one is my favorite.

You cant really make out in this lighting, what the bottom burgundy piece says, but it says perfect day.

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