Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to normal service?

This week, has not been a very good week. I have been getting increasingly ill, with wierd symptoms that I dont normally get. For example, I have not had a full migraine since I was hmm about 15, yet this week, I have had 3 full ones in 4 days.

When I say a full one, I mean, the whole, practically blind, in agony and chucking up for 6 hours+ each time. They come on within minutes with no warning sign and last for ages. For example, I had one yesterday at dinner time. Right now, I still have a headache, just not the aura and nausea. I have also been so shaky that my arms feel slow and sluggish. That, sitting at the table today at dinner time, the effort of eating, completely put me off, which is very unusual for me.

So of course the next question, was where to go next. Was it the beginning of another random infection and should I go see my GP or let it run through, or get seen by a hospital doctor. But, I am already on antibiotics, so it cant be an infection right?

And then the thought struck, is it the antibiotics? It seemed unlikely, as I had them last month without this trouble, but I got the leaflet out and skipped to the side effects, and yes headaches were on there. And then I continued reading the leaflet, and found it say, that they are not to be taken with Tacrolimus, which of course is one of my main anti rejection drugs, that I take twice a day.

Turns out, the meds (clarithromycin) interact, and can mean that the tacrolimus (FK506) levels in the blood, can go way to high. What are the effects of too high levels? Headaches, tremors and fatigue.

Mystery solved? I hope so. It wont have effected my liver, as the levels would be high not low. So, I guess from here, its going to be a matter of waiting and seeing if the side effects disappear. If they get worse tomorrow, then it will be back to the drawing board.

damn meds grrr lol.

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