Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hospital common sense?

Yes, I was having an early night tonight, but found I had loads of catching up to do so oops. Still not fully caught up, but perhaps enough for tonight after this entrance.

Though, were to start.
I guess, I am starting to cope a little better with my bitter periods. Things get annoying and I feel like sometimes, I am in this no mans land. (More about that shortly) I often want to sugar coat things, not post when I feel crap and just post the uplifting insights. But that was never the intent of this blog, and I find that trying to hide my bitter periods, does tend to make them worse. Though, I think perhaps, things mentally, are starting to break down slightly. For now I will keep an eye on it, but all these little niggling things, such as pseudo hallucinations and server mood swings are warning signs. But for now, they can take a back seat, along with my paranoia.

So, on to the joys of hospital common sense. It is true what they say, common sense really isnt that common anymore, and especially not in a hospital setting. They had me down as one of the last on the theatre list on Monday, but after me, being determined to be classed as fit for travel by early evening, they played around with the list and put me first instead. I must say, it is nice how they are so accommodating for things like this and I do truly appreciate it.

So, by afternoon, the painkillers from theatre are wearing off and I want to stay on top of the pain before it all builds up. From experience, I knew that I needed something stronger than paracetamol at this time, so I asked the nurse if I could get some. After looking at my drug card, she says, well your written up for OraMorph, I will just get it. Now, I was hoping to be leaving the hospital within the next couple of hours, to commute the 250 miles home, via bus, train and car as well as stopping for food and keeping fluids up. Oramorph would have just knocked me out and made getting home so much harder. So, I asked if I could have something in between the two. Again, looked at my drug card and said, oh well, once your meds to take home come in, you are prescribed co drydamol and co codamol, so I guess once your discharged you can take them, but I cant give them to you as there only to take home. Gah! As a result, I took the paracetamol and as predicted, within 40 mins, I was getting to the point of pain that stopped me from drinking and made everything worse.

So the next common sense thing, I always ask for normal tablets to take home as I hate soluble and given the volume of tablets I have to take anyway, soluble dont make any difference, apart from being awkward to manage when out and about (i.e, traveling home) So when I got my meds to take out, they gave me soluble painkillers, which ok, granted, they are for throat pain, but then, is a big box of anti biotic, which are bloody huge ha. I guess it just makes me laugh.


Tonights cocktail of 18 pills

I should write about Mondays surgery, but right now, meds are kicking in so I think now is a good time to sleep.
Though, if anyone has any tips to stop the bottom of your nose getting sore when there is something rubbing on it, they would be greatly recieved. I am wearing my humdifer at night, and its a little like nasal specs, but  bigger and harder, to allow a thicker airflow through (Its set on 45L/Min at present)

Huge nose forks (eew)


  1. Only thing i can think off is something like vaseline which would act as a barrier!

    Ooh! I used to suffer with sneezing loads and then the resultant red nose and when at school I used something like nose sore or something anyway it was like chapstick!

  2. Hi,

    I've been following you for a while. Have you tried something like burts bees on your nose because I know you aren't supposed to use vaseline with oxygen. I usually ignore the drs and use it anyway, but burts bees works wonders.