Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving on

Do you remember these pictures, from about this time last year?

I was complaining about how medical equipment was taking over my life and my bedroom! I later had to move the equipment even more around as I need the suction (That big giant white and yellow machine on top of my desk) to be next to my bed, so it ended up being moved onto my bedside table.

Well,  I have moved most of it! I am taking a step forward. No trach, means that, I dont need the suction at present. I still have to keep the machine for a bit longer, as the future is still a little uncertain, but I dont need to wake up and have it greet me every morning. So now, my desk looks like this; 

Yus, my huge nebuliser is still there, but its out of sight for the most part and I got this little cute blue box, that matches my room and is perfect to hold all those silly little bottles of medication for the nebuliser. I also made a couple of these funky milk cartoon boxes to hold my other nebuliser solutions, but least they still look pretty.

The next investment, I need, is a small bin. I have a big bin on the other side of my room, as I do seem to create a lot of rubbish for it, but those little annoying tops of the nebuliser solutions, seem to end up everywhere, so I want a small bin just for those.

It feels much better, kinda like, I am getting some of myself back again. This has been a kind of work in progress for a couple of weeks. That probably sounds silly, that it has taken me a couple of weeks to tidy my room, but I just lack motivation and energy most of the time.

Though, the timing, I am not sure if its good or bad right now.
Remember last year, when I was having so many issues with my trach and infections and so on. The hospital wanted me to have a humidifier, but there was no funding for it. Well they applied for funding and it was granted around September/October. I spoke to my consultant and with things being so in the balance, he said he still wanted me to have it. There is the hope, that, it may help with the healing of my throat at present.

Well, the hospital have been researching it and ordered it for me and it has finally come in!! WOOWOO!! So Monday, I go for training with it. I need to know how to set it up and work it, in a sterile way as well as all the health and safety and fire hazard training and such. So as far as I know, I should have a shiny new machine on Monday! YAY. Lets hope it helps.

Though, If I am honest, and again, I probably jinx it by saying this, but I think my breathing maybe settling (or perhaps its because I saw the good/top surgeon last time) This Monday, marks the 3 point, where I was normally having surgery, so by now, I am usually struggling. Now, my breathing isnt great and I am still super exhausted, but its not at the point, where I am saying, hurry up and be surgery day, before I pass out. And the headaches have not kicked in yet, though maybe its due to me not rushing my mornings anymore.

It leaves me with a load of questions to ask my doctor, but this post is long enough, so I shall address that, perhaps in another post this week at some point.

Oh oh oh, but I did treat myself to something nice this week. I will probably never have the balance to walk in them, but they just looked so pretty that I could not resist. Ah the beauty.

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