Saturday, October 09, 2010

Relaxing days

Now my friggin ipod beeps to tell me I have been outbid! grrr, the auction ended 10 minutes ago, bit useless now.

I was bidding on a set of large and very pretty fairy wings hehe. Halloween is just around the corner and this year, I want to do things. Yes I know I am not a kid anymore but I dont care, I just want to do things for the experience this year, I also want to carve a pumpkin. I dont even know if I am going anywhere yet :/ I asked my sister if she was doing anything, as she did have a party once but as of yet she is undecided. So I want to prepare my costume just incase, however, I am on a budget with it so trying to either get things cheap or use stuff in my dressing up box (Yes I have a dressing up box but its small) Anyway, I already have my red hair, so I was thinking of some type of bright, mismatched creature, probably a witch, a fairy or a devil. I have a set of black and a set of red devil horns. You can get wings cheap here at the moment, but they are small and crappy, probably because they are on the kids department but even ebaying isnt offering me cheap ones, except the pair I just missed out on by 25 p grr.

The other things I have, which I am pretty much basing my costume on is a pair of socks. A friend bought them for me last year and they are american little miss mismatch, however I cant find a pic and they are in the wash. Anyway, they are 3 odd socks, all in a bright lime green and pink. One is stripey one has spots and one has stars and they are knee length, kinda like football socks. So I am going to wear them and probably some arm warmers. I also have a wonderful bright multicolored neck scarf thing, but I have no idea what to do with the rest. Any ideas?

I might have some tule that I could fashion into a skirt, but depending on hospitals, I probably wont get chance to do it.

Anyway, I have had a relaxing few days. I have a couple of projects now on the go and I feel better for having done it. This year, I want to aim to making a personal present for most people for christmas, though I havee not yet planned who is getting what hehe. But I have started and almost finished my sisters. I am making her a scrapbook. I cant post too much as I dont know who is reading, but I will give you a preview of one page.

You cant really see the colours on the silly webcam pic, but you get the idea. I am aiming for 20 pages and so far I have done about 15, so yay.

I have also begun on my nephews present. I am doing him a canvas for his wall. I have done the majority of the sketching now, so the rest is pretty easy. Its the first time I have worked on canvas, but I like doing it this way as I can kinda, just curl up in the living room watching TV with my mum whilst working on it, it keeps my hands busy. Again I will show you a work in progress as I know he wont get to see this :)

Its going to have all his favorite things on once its finished. I am pleased with it so far so yay. I was going to add colour, but in the end decided to keep it to black, as I have no idea what his room is going to be like and so on.

Its been nice to be busy and doing things, without being exhausted. Using my hands I can do without getting breathless, movement brings on headaches and general tiredness from having to breathe so hard. Again, mum is being understanding (and once again I am watching what I write as mum knows about this blog now and some of the stuff I write, though I am yet to find the leak that keeps getting to her) But I think she struggles to understand it sometimes.

For example, she seems to think that if I can sit and do things with paper and pens and such then I should be able to help with things around the house. Once again she said about how much time she spends looking after me and going to appointments and to London and I dont help her catch up with house work when back home. But with craft things, I can spread out on my bed and not move, but things like tidying the kitchen, involves bending, stretching, walking and carrying. I know I need to keep as normal as possible, but some times, especially if I have been out, it just becomes to hard.

Today was especially hard and I almost ended up at the GPs again. I awoke feeling full of cold, my throat was scratchy and my glands swollen. I have kept up my fluids and regular painkillers and it eased off, though it feels to be coming back again now. I really hope I dont come down with something. My immune system is not up to fighting right now, it has been blasted with steroids and a couple of courses of antibiotics in the last month alone in addition to my usual immunosuppression.

I guess at these times I want to say that Tracheal Stenosis is a bitch!! I have no idea what is going to happen one week to the next and then I hear others with it who are struggling too. There is one person I keep in touch with, for example, who has it. He dosnt live far from me, but today he got discharged from hospital after being in a month. He got his trach out and things were going well, but then his airway started playing up and now he has his trach back in, but with more problems than he had a month ago. He has been referred to my surgeon in London. I feel real bad for him, he is so down and I just wish there was more I could do than send emails to him. He is so down and has already had enough to deal with.

Tracheal Stenosis is a bitch! (Just incase I have never said it before)

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