Monday, October 18, 2010

One Year

Ah what a day.
I could not wake up this morning, as usual hehe.
But anyway, did some last minute packing and headed to the train station, just to see the train pull out.
Gah, my ticket was for that rain only and not transferable. Went in and explained to the man behind the desk, the train must have literally left the second the clock ticked to the correct time. The man looked at my tickets and said, I would have to  buy another one if I wanted to get to London. I asked how much it was and he said £67. eek. I took a deep breathe and said ok, if thats what it is, can you book that for me as I have to get to London for this admission, the man standing next to him, must have been his supervisor and said he would take care of it for me. Then, he stamped the ticket and wished me luck. I was amazed, I didnt have to pay of anything. Its amazing the difference that made. So after waiting around for an hour, I was finally able to get on the train.

What is more, the ticket that I had booked, had worked out cheaper to book first class instead of standard. Therefore, I got to ride in First class. I was a little nervous as I have never ridden first class before, but oh wow!! If it is cheap again, I will defo go for it.

First off, free Wi Fi, ok not the best Wi Fi but good enough for everything I needed. more comfortable seats with room for storage. It was quiet, no screaming kids, no passengers up and down every two minutes. And drinks and nibbles yay. Coke, water, tea, coffee, crisps and biscuits all bought to your seat. om nom nom, which was good as I hadnt had much time for dinner and sitting around int he station had made me hungry. Overall the journey was just much more comfortable.

I arrived in London with no further Drama and made my way to my friends house. Who has just cooked a big roast dinner yum yum including apple crumble that she is proud of (yay) And that is my evening.

Tomorrow, I go back to the National Throat Nose and Ear hospital and I am booked in for theatre. Hopefully this should be a short admission.

And on that note, I shall leave you with my one year blogging video. One whole year, dosnt time fly and 4100 views :)

Thank you all!

And as I have to be up at like 6:30am (groans) I am now going to bed. Nighty night.

Untitled from Kim Beattie on Vimeo.

Ah sorry, internet is being a pain in the butt and not letting me upload the video to blogger, and taking audio out for youtube, therefore, it will follow at some point when I have a better net connection. :)

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  1. I've only been on one commuter train before. It left Grand Central Station in New York and we went for about thirty minutes to catch a bus to the airport. It was raining and I sat in a seat where the rain kept leaking in on me. It really sucked.
    Sounds like it worked out for you.