Thursday, September 30, 2010


How is my breathing? The ever present question.
I can breathe, that has to count for something right?
ok, so compared with normal, whatever normal is. It is better than it was last time I posted, yet not as good as it was when I first got my trach out.
I walked the length of the kitchen the other day with a shopping bag in my hand, and my dad looked and me and said 'thought you were meant to be able to breathe now, I can hear you a mile off.' I walked up my sisters path today and had to stop and sit at the top of about 5 minutes to catch my breath, which I didnt have to do the first time I went to hers when she moved the other week. But I am able to get up the stairs at an ok pace without stopping, so it is better than it was before this admission. And my peak flows? There kinda odd, all over the place, bouncing around between 180 and 240. But for now I am happy enough for with that.

But I am still making the effort and getting up and dressed and such and trying to get out the house for a bit most days.

So I have plans for this weekend. If I am going to have good days and bad days with my breathing, then I need to work around it. For now it is fairly good, so I have my youngest niece staying with me till Sunday morning. We are scanning a load of photos to make some christmas gifts with.

Last year, I had to do all my christmas shopping online from the hospital, so this year, I am making an effort to produce something personal for each of the main people I buy for. This is also a good side to this, in that, if I do take ill, or need to spend time in hospital, then I am able to take a project with me to work on or I can sit on my bed at home and do it. So this weekend, I am gettting a load of copies of photos that I can use on some projects.

Next week, I have promised, my nephew that I will help him with his bedroom. He is at that awkward age where he dosnt want anything babiesh but still wants a cool room. He is really into manga, so I am going to try and create a personalized design on his wall with all his favorite characters.

oh and of course, I have the solicitors on Tuesday, joy of all joy blah.

My friend is coming down to watch a film tomorrow night with my niece and I and Saturday, I said I would drive her to Ice skating as she has broken her arm and cant drive. So, all in all, a pretty tiring weekend. I shall see how my breathing is to decide if I am going to get up and skate too.

haha This is one of the photos I found, of the niece I have staying with me. This was her christening, so I must have been about 15 hehe. To think now, she is 12 I think.

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