Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can you guess where I am?

Back on 10 south *groans*
So yeah, I went to clinic, which meant leaving our house at 5am, so I was essentially getting up when I would usually go to bed. And for some reason I can never sleep on trains, cars yes, trains no. So waited a little while in clinic and was then called through. The doctor actually came back out to look for me as I was taking so long. Sat down in his office and he asked how the breathing was, to which I took a breathe in and said not so good, straight off he said I think we need to admit you. He asked about my peak flows, wrote in huge letters in my file SOB and circled it.Had a quick look down with the nasal camera. Man, I still hate them things, but they are getting a little easier.

He said there was a lot of granulation, more than would normally be seen at this stage. Well that set the ball rolling, I was admitted, though had to wait for a bed. Cannula placed right away. Well as right away as you can get with my veins, but it was only 3 attempts so not to bad. They allowed me to leave the ward to pick up a few bits while they were waiting on my bed being free, so I was able to pick up some essentials that I hadnt taken with me, such as juice and grab some dinner.

Admitted to the ward started on IV steroids and Anti biotics. Yes I did grumble at the whole steroid thing as I dont want to go back down the route of cushings, but they said it should be ok as its only going to be a couple of days and if it needs to be longer then they will review it.

I am now also listed for tomorrows emergency theater list, oh what fun. Probably be laser and dillation, but they should know more once they have had a look.

The thing is, at the moment it seems to come and go, sometimes I can breathe fine, and other times it feels really tight. But then I feel like more of a fraud, as I went for a walk a little while ago and I was breathing better than I have all week. I know its probably related to the whole steroids thing taking effect, but it does somewhat bring back my old ever present fear, of what if I get to theatre and they look and say nothing is wrong, stop wasting our time and stop exaggerating. I guess, I need to keep in mind my peak flows, they have been going down, so I cant be making things up surely?

I guess we shall see tomorrow. I know I am in the best hands, and I have a lot of faith in my team.


  1. Good luck with everything tomorrow Kim!! Hopefully the medication works, and they find nothing that they need to "fix", and you are able to start back on the road to an uneventful recovery. It does sound like "your team" is on top of things, and are taking good care of you :D
    Take care!

  2. Well I hope things start getting better. It might seem a bit frustrating, but I don't think they would be admitting you if they didn't feel it wasn't necessary. Hopefully they will figure out something to make you feel better.
    Wishing you comfort and all the best.