Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New View

I have a change of scenery.
Yesterday, they moved the room I was in.
I no longer required the HDU status of intensive monitoring and so I have been moved into a bay without monitors on the wall.
It feels better for many reasons. Its quieter, not that noise really bothers me, but constant stream of new people who tend to stare can become a little nerve racking. But more than that, this room is nicer. I can see daylight.

There was a window in the last room, but there was only one in the far corner from my bed. So if that bed had its curtain around, the room gained a blue glow but mainly appeared dark. Now, I am on the other side of the ward and my bed is right next to the window. I wake up in the morning with the sun on my face and I have the window controls next to my bed.

The last room, the window looked towards Heathrow and the Thames, this window looks directly towards the heart of London. I can clearly see my friends house, Earls Court, the BT tower, The Gerkin and the London Eye.

And if I like the view during the day, well the view of a night is even better.

Sunrise is also wonderful, but I am not awake enough to be handling a camera then hehe.
I wish I were able to get better photos of the view though. Trying to get my camera to focus through glass is not easy, especially for night shots when you have to try and fool the sensors into not reflecting in the window.

I have always been big on sky lines.
My GCSE technology work, had a glass lid on it with a sky line etched into the glass and my wall in my old room had a New York sky line painted on it. When I lived in Birkenhead, I used to stand and drink on the balcony looking over the liverpool sky line. Its something to see a major city embossed against a wonderful colored sky whilst you observe from miles away. Its like the magic of the city and the big lights is projected outwards.

I also realized something else, the weekend just gone was V Festival. I remember last years V festival. I was sat on the ward watching it on TV with one of the male nurses, both of us complaining that we wanted to be there. So a year ago now, I was in hospital for tracheal stenosis just like now. This relapse in my breathing has been going on for over a solid year without a single break.

Well, I am ready for that break. I know that I said I would not get my hopes up, but I find that I am now. I want this to work. I need this to work. A year is long enough. I need to be getting on with my life. I am pinning my hopes on the fact that this has worked. I want to get back to uni, I want to get back to living.

Fingers crossed!!


  1. Mine too!!! And p.s. the photos look awesome. Take care of yourself, and here's hoping for all good things :D