Monday, August 02, 2010

finding things

Ah, so my last attempt at making my blog look pretty failed ah. My comments refused to work. However, I have spent a while now playing with code and reminding myself just how much I hate HTML as well as bugging a friend to get him to spot the bits I had missed in the code (thank you andy =] ) So the comments are now working (I think) So please let me know if there are any more issues or it is hard to read.

Today, I have spent the majority of the day literally tipping my room upside down looking for my ipod. I HAD to find it by this evening as mum had said she was going to come help me look and the last thing I want really is mum looking around me room :/ Where was it you might ask. Was it in some obscure place that you would never think to look. Nope, it was on my bed lol. I had searched everywhere including my bed. Patted it down and such to no sign. I didnt want to strip it as I would need mum to help me remake it, but it was a last resort and she was about to come up anyway, so I stripped it. And there it was, under all the covers, in the very far bottom corner of my bed. (I sleep in a double) so now I have my baby back.

And yes, that is a Toy Story 3 background (It changes picture every 30 seconds or so) with a rainbow dock. I love my ipod. It also says 'To infinity and beyond' whenever I unlock it and theres a snake in my boot when I turn it off. I will grow up one day. (Did I ever mention that my message tone on my phone is Spider pig from the simpsons? and my ringtone is the original Pokemon theme? I dont have sound on my phone often, but its good when I am on the train and turn it on hehe.

I have a big achievement to post about this weekend!!!

I can get my hair into pigtails!! You might say, that isnt much, but it is!! My hair has been to short to go into a bobble for the past 5 years! A couple of months after I got my hearing aids, my hair annoyed me as I refused to wear it up as you could see my ears so I got it chopped short to hide them. It has stayed short ever since, getting cut ever 4-6 weeks. Now it hasnt been cut since December, except for the trims I do myself and I put some layers in the front. My hearing aids have since improved and are not as chunky as they once were, nor do I have big huge moulds, so they are not as noticeable, not that I will be wearing my hair up much, but still.

Oh and to toally relive my childhood, look what I bought yesterday.

I got into Dawsons creek when I was about 15, most people I knew had already been into it, but had stopped watching it by the time I got into it. Well I loved it and used to tape it (Yes on old VHS) to rewatch. Always said that I wanted to find myself a Pacey, he was like the silly yet sweet guy in the series and of course he was cute (Joshua Jackson) Well anyway, when I was very ill and in ICU, I refused to sleep no matter what they gave me and I started staring at the machines, which was making me more ill. They used to put the tv or radio on to try and interest me, but again, I wouldnt watch it. So mum bought a load of my Dawsons Creek videos in and I would semi watch them and the nurses knew the series so they found something to try to talk to me about and get me to socialize.

When I got out of hospital, the series had just stared to come out on DVD and so I bought each season as it came out. They were all well played as there wasnt much I could do except sit around and rest. Now, they are lined up and take pride of place on my shelf under my TV (Next to my House MD box sets) but they have not been watched in at least a year, probably more.

I saw the series finale yesterday, which I never owned on DVD so I had to get it. Perhaps the up and coming weeks will bring me rewatching the old series, I may even take the finale to London with me, though it is sad.

Oh and it was a wekend for finding stuff, I managed to locate my internet dongal too, which means I should still have internet while in London, though I dont know how much I will be upto using it. Its amazing what you find when you clear out your room, things you didnt even know you had lost. I think I must have come across at least a million of these little things.

The bane of my life. They are called Heat Moisture Exchange (Or Sweedish Nose) and basically I am meant to wear them of a night to warm and humidfie the air I breath in to stop my chest clogging. They work a little, but are not ideal for those of us with big boobs. I lovingly refer to them as my St Bernards Barrell as I feel like the St bernard dog when I wear one.

And though they do help, I often find them on the other side of my room n the morning. Either they annoy me to much during the night and I throw it, I take it off to have a good cough and forget where I put it. Hence why there were tons hidden under my bed.

Ah well, hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. You've changed something so their is now a blackish background to your text so I can now read it!

  2. Love the new look of your blog. Your facebook picture is awesome too :0. And you look very cute in the pho of yourself with the Dawson's Creek dvd (very child-like, like my daughters often do, even tho they're in their twenties too!)