Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing!! and a new layout.

It has now been a number of hours, probably 72, if I worked it out, so this can now offically be reported as missing.

At approxamitly 20:40 on 27 July 2010, my Itouch, went missing from my home. I am greatly concerned about this matter and I hope that said Itouch will return to me very soon as I am lost without it.

Nah seriously, my itouch has like vanished off the face of the earth! I had it the other night as I had it on when I went for a shower. I vaguely remember picking it up with my stuff in the bathroom but I dont recall what I did then. I know when I got into bed about 2 hours late, I could not find it on my bed, where it is normally kept. I assumed I had left it in the bathroom but it was too late at night to go hunting in there so I managed without it. I have since searched my room, my laundry bin, my regular bin, my bed, under my bed and all through the bathroom, but there is no sign.

I live with my ipod though =[ I have my film subtitles on it, important addresses, books, games, music. I dont sleep well without it as I use it to block the stupid ringing in my ears out. I use it for medical textbooks and such when I am doing my voluntary work thing. And I use it for sneakily looking up answers to tv quiz programs to make myself look smarter than my dad lol.

No doubt it will turn up some place stupid like the fridge (which I have already checked) but still annoying. I need it!!

And if you have gotten this far, I am pretty sure you will have noticed my new look. (hopefully)
What do you think? It still needs a little tweaking as it takes a while to load, but I think I like, just hope its easy enough to read. I do love Venice. And this photo was taken when I was so so tired, it was worth it, just wish it had taken easier and been sharper. The camera kept trying to tell me I was in the wrong and that it was daylight not 10pm.

I am also having one of those minor frustration things going on in my head right about now too. I had a GP apointment today and I was going to pick up a script. When I got there they told me that the doctor had refused to write my script as  i needed bloods doing first. When I explained that it was anti rejection drugs and I cant do without, they offered to write me a couple of days worth until they got blood results. I just dont get why GPs need to check this?! I get bloods done a minimum of every 3 months in a hospital clinic so it is monitored. And if the results came back wrong, the GP would still need to give me the meds but refer me to Liver clinic. So why not just write the script out to begin with? I said all this to the doctor, but she was still, yeah, we are still not writing the script out till we get your results.

So after pushing my luck saying all that to her, I couldnt push much more when it came to the purpose of the appointment. I explained about the whole infection thing and how the anti biotics were not long enough or strong enough to deal with it. It still has staphylococcus in it by the way. She agreed that if it was still heavily infected when I got to London they would just refuse to take me to surgery. That being said, I was hoping for a nice 10 day course of 500 mg tablets to kick this infections butt. Instead, I came out with a whole 7 days of 250 mgs. Which I know is not going to clear it.

She also started debating on what dressings we could change to help it, so I told her my plan to switch to duo derm and metaline that evening for a couple of days to allow the skin to heal. She looked kinda taken aback that I knew what dressings were best and how to take care of it.

Its weird, I feel bad most of the time talking to the doctors as I feel like I am telling them what to do, when they spent years at med school and 'know better' but often, I know what I am talking about, I have more personal experience and I know what works and what dosnt. Of course, I never want to come accross as cocky or a know it all.  But this is my health and if I dont get what I need right now, things can get pretty bad pretty quick.

I did mention about a mole that has been painful so I have cream for that and of course, with being high risk for skin cancer (thank you anti rejection meds) I have to go for a check up again next week and possibly a referral if it hasnt settled.

By this point I didnt mention the extreme tirdeness or headaches, I knew she would just say, well just wait till you go to London and see how things are. I do however, have my suspcions that it s caused by to much carbon dioxide. They come on pretty bad when I talk or when I am walking, painkillers hardly touch them and now I have nausea adding to it. But its wrong to self diagnose so Im going to shut up at this point.

9 days till I am in London and I should be able to breathe again! yay!

oh please let me know if there are any issues with this layout? not clear enough, or not displaying and such.

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