Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toy Story 3 and bright hair

Its been a good couple of days. Tiring, but good.

I spent some time out with mum and dad, which was good. It absolutely chucked it down with rain. So much so that our garden turned into a swimming pool and the water on the roads came up near the top of the wheels. But we had a few hours out and I got sleep in the car so I felt ok during it.

Then I had my older niece down for a bit. We wanted to go see Toy story 3, so I had pre-booked IMAX premier seats. Im sure by now you al know my excitement at going to see toy story!

I had already met Woody.

I also met Buzz, but his picture has vanished =[ Must be on the other computer.

So I was very excited.

We went for some lunch first to Red Hot. That is a lovely all you can eat restaurant type place, but I can go there without being too naughty as they have lots of fresh cooked areas. They have a pasta bar, noodle bar and chinese bar. Here you pick your raw ingredients and they cook it while you are standing there. There is also so much choice as they do italian, Indian, English, Chinses, Japense and yeah nom nom.

So I ate a ton there with my niece and had a natter. Then went to see the film!
WOW!! It was so so good. I was apprehensive at first as I didnt like toy story 2, but number 3 is so good. I laughed so much through it and I almost almost cried! I was trying not to cry as I didnt want to make a fool out of myself infront of my niece, who later admitted that she had also cried.

We got the bus home, though we had just missed one so had to wait for ages and then on the way back down came the heavy rain again.It came down so fast the roads were flooded. Got back here and looked at some old phots and watched some true blood.

It was a good day. It was slightly tinged with some aspects that saddened me. She is not used to being out with me so was walking at her normal pace, but there was no way I could keep up without sounding like I had run a marathon. And no way I could have a conversation whilst walking. I actually read somewhere before that if you are exercising by walking and cant hold a conversation whilst you are doing it, then you are walking to fast. So where does that leave me, I cant hold a convo whilst walking at a slow pace. It was amazing how tired I was getting from the bus to the cinema, which is maybe a 10 min walk. The restaurant luckily was right next to the cinema and then back on the bus. Though I did plan the route with the least slopes and even attempted to use the lift at one point instead of the hill, but the building was shut. But hey, lets remain hopeful that that is all going to change soon.

The next day we had a late start so just had a short walk around the town close to where she lives. We had been looking at hair dye pictures and she asked me if I could do hers in a certain style as she wasnt sure how to do it. So she bought hair dye and I bought so clip in flashes for my hair. I would love to have a funky color, more so than red, I mean like 2 colors. I redid my color the other day so its nice and bright again.

But I am not up to the upkeep at the moment of having two lots of color so I bought some royal blue flashes that just clip in. I have just finished stitching the clips to them in the correct places, but have not tried the length yet. So I shall probably try them out tomorrow.

Anyway, my nieces hair, it took a while whilst I sectioned it up and got the bits in the right place and colored the bits and so forth, but it turned out so good. I am very jealous, I would love this style or even just the main color. Here are pics.

I absolutely love it. I hate growing up, you can get away with as much hehe. I think the hardest part of doing this style, was trying to not let the colors mix. If the turquoise even touched the pink, it would instantly turn purple, so you kinda had to be super careful not to knock one section with the other. I suppose I could of vaselined one lot and done it in two goes, but I wanted to get all the dye on in one go and be done with it, rather than washing out and dying and washing out again. Oh well it was fun. So I didnt get home till midnight last night and pretty much just collapsed into bed.

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  1. Groovy hair!

    You should get Jess to return the favour