Monday, July 05, 2010

My weekends (long)

Its late... Again.
So I was going to post last night, but once again my computer decided to be stupid and wouldnt turn on. Now it is on but its still not right, so tonight is going to be filled backing up what needs to be backed up and tomorrow, getting back onto the computer company.


My weekends. I use this phrase as its kinda been the past 2 weekends that I am going to write about as I wasnt able to at the time.

At the beginning of this year I had a lot of realizations. It kinda came on when my niece was allowed to sneak in and see me in ICU. She was occasionally allowed to do this the very first time I was in, if I remember right she was about 3 years old and the nurses used to push a chair up to my bed and let her stand on it so she was level with me. So that she wasnt scared of the tubes, they used to tell her to stroke me like a small animal. After that she used to tell everyone that you had stroke me like a little mouse. I do wish I knew were the pictures are from this time, hopefully they will turn up at some point.

Well she turned 11 whilst I was in London the other week. I dont want her to only have memories of me being ill and in hospital. So subconsciously, I decided that the next year was going to be all about making sure the people around me had fond memories to remember me by incase anything happened. I wanted to keep lots of photographs of these memories, so that they had something to hold onto in the future should I not be their to enjoy it with them.

For my nieces 11 birthday I wasnt going to be their with her, so I took her out and spoilt her before I left. We had a nice meal and she opened her presents. We also went to watch Letters to Juliet in the cinema. But what was more fun, was just playing around with the camera.














The weekend before last, I was again staying at my sisters, the weather was hot (which is unusual for England) and I had that itching feeling of wanting to do something, anything. To sit in all weekend listening to the kids argue about whose turn it is on the computer and what they were having for tea just felt too much. As it turned out, the two older kids had work on the Saturday morning and the younger one had a party but not till much latter in the evening. So I dropped the others off at work, stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, then headed out to the beach.

We went to Thurstaton beach on the wirral. On the way I also picked up some marker pens and a couple of trays of paints. We had taken a bag of stuff from the house such as drinks and some food. I was able to find a parking lot hidden in the back of a caravan site, that allowed me to take the car really close and the weather was wonderful.

We also painted some shells while we were at the beach, that turned out pretty good. We did some pebbles too, but there was no way I could carry them back, so we left them at the beach.

That morning, a baby foal had been born in the field behind my sisters house, so we went to have a peak at him that evening. He was so cute and energetic.

On the Sunday, it was a lovely day again so I offered another trip to the beach. With the two older ones not in work, all three decided they wanted to come. A picnic was packed again and we set out in the car to find a beach. I like the beach we were at the the day before, but the tide was out of an afternoon, which made it difficult to go in the water. My main fear was that the youngest would get into trouble in the water but I wouldnt hear her or be able to get there in time with it being a distance. So I headed towards Wales and we eventually settled at prestatyn.

Once again, the car park was literally on the beach which made things easier. A good part of this afternoon was that, the England match was on, so the beach rather than being crowded, was virtually empty, which was lovely.

Of course, then things started to get a little silly :p

The pattern left by the drink bottle. Pretty.

That night, once the younger two had gone to bed, the elder one and I decided to go on a wildlife hunt for something to do. We wanted to see the baby foal again, but we also went to another field which usually has shetland ponies in it. This was an odd experience.

We were standing, leaning on the fence. The field its self was dark, but their was a lot of light behind, so we could see a fair bit into the field, until the shadows of the trees at the back became to thick. There was no sign of anything in the field and we were about to give up. Suddenly, right in front of us was this big horse, looking directly at us. We glanced at each other as if to say, can you see that and looked back. He was still there so I took a couple of pictures. I tried with flash, without flash and on night mode. I lined him up with the street lights so I knew exactly were we was. The odd thing? There was no horse on the pictures I took. There was shadows on the floor, when there was nothing there to make shadows, but no horse.

He was lined up in between the two lamps in this one, probably about where the shadows begin.

My sister and I have had this thing about feathers since my Nan died a couple of years ago. Whenever we go through a rough patch, or odd things happen, a feather appears out of nowhere. For example, a while back we were both shopping in Manchester. I looked down at the clock and realized we had lost time and where over on the parking ticket by about 2 hours. It was peak shopping time and we were in a spot notorious for parking tickets. We both started hoping it was just a parking fine and that they had not towed the car.

When we got to the car, no ticket at all, just a single white feather under my wiper. This has happened with a few different things inc times when I have gone into hospital.

So anyway, joking around with the horse thing, I made a comment of, there are not any feathers around are their? We both looked down and right next to were we were standing was a pile of about 10 feathers. It did bring a smile to my face. And I hope my nan is watching down and I am doing the right things to please her.

So that brings me to this weekend.

It was the eclipse preview weekend *squeals* Yes I am a big fan girl when it comes to Twilight. So I had promised my youngest niece that she could stay over for the weekend. So friday, my friend Alison and I picked her up and we went Ice skating.

I used to love skating and at one point pasted my grade 10. Given my health, I have hardly gone over the past year, but went a couple of months back. To say I am rusty is an understatement. But more disappointingly was that I had gotten even worse than I was the other month. Last time I struggled, but I was able to do basic skating and moves. This time however, I would get halfway around the rink and have to stop to get my breath. Surly I should be getting better and adjusting not getting worse.

So I did a few short bouts, but spent most of my time with the camera instead. I dont think I will be going back for a fair while now though.

We then went out for tea, spent some time sitting on the grass in the sun and then went into the theatre to watch twilight.

After this we headed home to drop the young'en with my mum and dad for the night, whilst Alison and I headed into town to watch Eclipse.

It was wonderful, though their was bits missing that were in the book. However I cant wait to see it again.

Sunday, my sister and the other two kids came to pick the littlest one up so we had a nice family meal around the table. I had also printed a couple of the pictures off of my niece and I from her birthday evening out, so I decided to frame them with her. I dug out my craft box full of paper and odd bits and bobs and the results were really good. We both worked on her one and managed to finish before she went home. I didnt get time to get a picture of it though, which sucks. I also made my one, but it isnt as good. I will do some more work on it once I have a few more pictures I think.

The most positive thing I can take from this, is that, I actually got my craft box out. This is a huge step. I used to love doing crafty type of things, however my box went away at least 5 years ago, when I started feeling truly depressed. This has to be a good sign surly? Even if it meant that it took me nearly an hour to find my bed again hehe.

Yeah, sorry this has been so long, and well done if you have gotten all the through it. Guess it should have been made over a few posts, but having no computer has really made that harder.

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