Monday, July 12, 2010

exhaustion continues

I reached 2000 views!!
Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.

Ah so I failed my challenge of making an informative post everyday. oops.
I may try and do one a week for the next couple of weeks instead to still get them.

Im claiming it wasnt my fault lol.

After the last post I made, I just literally felt like my body was giving up on letting me do things. Just walking from one room to the next was exhausting. I would say, I felt worse than when I was recovering from my transplant.

So the doctors rang on Friday, my dad answered and of course they wouldnt tell him anything due to patient confidentiality. (And yes they are aware that I cant hear and they are aware that I have no voice, so what is the point in phoning. ) So mum rang back, they said the same, they eventually put her through to someone more senior, who still said no, so my mum just went, 'I know what your going to tell me. That her swab results are back and she needs to come pick up a prescription.' To which they stutted a bit and then eventually said, yes. she explained about how I think its on my chest too, so they said they would leave me some forms to send some samples and that if things got worse or I was having problems, to just ring or drop in and the doctor will fit me in right away.

So on the plus sign I got some shinny new tablets, that are bright blue in color (They look very pretty when I mix them with my bright yellows)

On the downside, I doubt these meds are going to do anything at all! They are only the lower strength and only a 5 day course. Considering this is the 3rd set of antibiotics for the same wound, I just cant see it clearing. (And I would rather not have a serious infection when it comes to treking to london as I dont want surgery to be delayed)

Oh yeh, not sure if I posted, but I have been given a date for going back to london for surgery (dun dun dunnnnnn) 8th August. eeps, I still get that stomach dropping feeling everytime I think about it but, im trying not to think about it, which means also not looking at trains and hotels and such which isnt very good really.

Ive been trying to still get out and about and im starting to feel slightly better so perhaps the meds are helping a little. However, mum keeps suggesting that I use the wheelchair again. She sees how exhausted I am (which is kinda odd as she used to really push me to keep moving) The heat isnt helping either as I get a lot more breathless with the heat. She also wants to take the wheelchair to London as I dont know how well I am going to recover from this surgery and how comfortable my ribs will be, or how many of them they will attack. Ha have to learn to travel light as I wont be able to throw my big back pack on or drag a heavy case.

Oh yes and that is yellow nail polish I have on. (I love it, mum thinks the pattern is pretty, but the yellow is horrible. Therefore it is staying!)

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