Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Sleep glorious sleep.
I must say that I do love my sleep, but it is starting to get a tad ridiculous now.
Last night, I was in bed by about midnight. I got up this morning just before 12, so thats like 12 hours. And then fell asleep on the couch for like 2 hours this afternoon. Bear in mind the most I have done all day is get dressed. *yawns* And now I feel ready for bed again.

Im standing by the fact now that maybe im so tired because I am not in my usual routine. I feel drained now, so I ended up sitting still watching tv but not taking any of it in. Normally, I would be sat cross legged on my bed, multi tasking between forums, blog, msn, photoshop whilst also listening to music or watching a film. I also randomly potter around my bedrom, for things like getting medical books to look something up, or finding a quote out of something on my shelf.

But all that, will hopefully change tomorrow. Tomorrow they come to pick my poor laptop up and take it to computer hospital. But i have requested a loan laptop whilst they have it mwhahah otherwise, I would be stuck in hospital in London without it next week. (even though the chances are I will be lending it to my mummy as she will be bored stuck on her own in a hotel. And I doubt she would go exploring alone)

So hopefully tomorrow I can begin to be a little bit productive again! (though obviously, I cant download all my random crap that I like on my laptop)

In other news, I had 2 clinic appointments yesterday. Oh dont you love it when they are the same day. On one account its crap as it makes for a boring tiring day, but then on the other hand its good as it only ties one day up instead of two.

So first was my thoracic surgeon. Did the usual round up of x-rays, which looked better than the last ones when i was in hospital. there a bit clearer and the surgeon was happy with them. He dosnt want to do anything with me at the moment if he can help it as he is basically keeping me alive for london. So we talked about getting over the illness I had and the symptoms since, which now seem to have settled. Mentioned a few things to do with infection, but he really didnt want to do anything or start meds, so I have to go to the GPs to get that sorted.

He also said that he had written to the authorities for me to request that I am given humidified oxygen. I thought that I would have to appeal myself for the humidifier, but apparently one of the nurses (she is lovely and was present last time i crashed on the ward hehe. Though I got told off for giving her a scare as she was pregnant at the time. oops) did the research into the costs for treating me on the ward and for me having home equipment and then the doctor authorized it. He has requested it as an oxygen system rather than just air, to prevent me having to go back into hospital as much even if I get an infection. So just got to wait that out and see what the authorities say. Not entirely sure if I want an oxygen system in the house or where and how it is fitted and such. But again not getting my hopes up till I hear back.

As I was going into the surgeons clinic room, my ICU doctor was just coming out. He kinda nodded a hello to me, walked a few steps forward, saw my mum and did a double take. He was like Kim!! How are you? Your looking really really! He was rather loud and the people inthe waiting room kinda glared. This includes the people who had sat next to me complaining that they wait ages and their doc dosnt care an only gives them 2 mins. hehe turns out he was their doc and I got longer than them. But it is comforting to think that I have improved to the point that he didnt recognize me. He is a lovely doc, I was under him whilst I was at my worst and he was compassionate and prescribed me meds to help me sleep. Even stuck his head around the door a few times when I was on the ward.

I guess when you spend as long under one team, you get to know them better and they do take a more personal interest in you. The ward I was on was mainly elderly people and it was surgical, so a lot of the time people would only be in for about a 3 and never be seen by anyone but their surgeon again. Ive been fairly constant on and off the ward and ICU since September. A lot of the nurses where in the same university as I was but the class below me so we bonded. They have seen me go from fine to crap and back again a few times and a lot of them where sad when I got m trach as they all knew how against it I was. So when they heard about the prospect of this new surgery a lot of them have taken interest. It is kinda nice and much more personal which often makes it feel like they care not just because they are paid to care kind of thing.

My second appointment was dermatology. Lucky I live right opposite the hospital and was able to go home for dinner in-between. I also fell asleep on the couch (whats new) and nearly missed my appointment as mum couldn't wake me up.

Usually there is about 2 hours to wait once you get to this clinic, but today, I hadnt even caught my breath and was called through. This is the same doctor who sent me a get well soon card when I missed her appointment as i was in hospital. We had the usual appointment and then she wished me the best of luck and such. Turns out she is going home to Africa this weekend so I will not be seeing her again. But it was nice and a positive parting. My skin has improved a lot so we are stopping one of the anti biotics and starting an extra cream. So fingers crossed my skin stays good.

And that was my exciting day. Fun eh.

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