Saturday, June 12, 2010

see saw

What a couple of days. It has been brilliant, fun, tireing, nerve racking and pretty much any other emotion you can think of. I have no idea how I feel and I am exhausted in every way. Let me explain a little. Over the school holidays a teacher at the school my sister works let the class pet, a caterpilla named chuggington, die. So Wednesday afternoon my sister was in search of one. Long story short she fell and injured her knee, heel and ankle. She is now just about moving about on crutches. Which if course means no driving. She has 3 kids so it was going to be a struggle getting them to school and such. I offered to go down and help out so that is where I have been the last 2 nights. It felt kinda nice playing a semi responsible role, getting everyone up in time and into school. Picking them up and all the mundane things such as tea and bedtime. It kinda felt right you know. From a young age I had always planned by now to have a familiy and a career. So far I have niether and it is very unlikly I will ever have the family I dreamt of. But yup it was fun. I am not going to be at my nieces birthday as I am going to London so instead I took her out tonight. I'll post more tomorrow about this but it was great fun. On the way home, I think I just got a speeding ticket. Can't really afford the fine or to have the points on my liscence. Got home and mum seems to be in a mood. Though to be fair she didn't say anything nasty and had done a load of nice things for me such as writting a letter I had not gotten around to and doing a load of my washing. But then comes the worry of what is to come. I go to London Sunday, which is scary. But more so is the fact that I don't think they will do what's planned. I'm coughing up small amounts if blood again. It is tiny amounts but slowly getting more. My neck smells, and for me to say that it must be true as I can only smell very strong things. So looks like it is infected again/still. I'm changing a dressing that can stay in place for a week, every 24 hours, any longer and it gets sore. I guess we will see what happens. On that note, these 7am mornings are killing me so sleepy time. Night.

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