Thursday, June 03, 2010

The wanderer returns

From the title, I'm sure you can all tell that I am back. =D

I had a good time, surprisingly after a rough start, but things did eventually begin to settle (as the weather got warmer oddly enough) and I am pretty much back to normal now. Still some possible infections, for which I need to run some swabs and I see my consultant Monday. So overall all good.

I was going to make a couple of updates while away. I bought internet credit as some places had wifi I could pay to use. However, after paying extortiant rates for it, the connections where really lame so I ended up using it mainly just to keep up with my emails. (South of France charged me €15 for 3 hours. Italy was €15 for 5 days. Frances didnt connect half the time and ran slower than dial up when it did. For the first 32 hours in Italy, I thought it wasnt working right as it lost connection every 4 minutes and was slow. However, I soon discovered we had a power cable running above our roof and the van was also made of metal and so would not let wifi signals through :/ After that I learned to charge my battery and go sit on the bench up the road a little.)

For the last 2 weeks, I have watched the grape vines grow.

Seen some wonderful sights.

Watch the sun gown down (countless times)

Admired the poppy fields.

Experienced True love in a holiday romance.

(Aint he handsome. And he looks like he is smiling at me. My torts have a down turned mouth but his makes him look happy. Oh and he came upto about my knee if I stood next to him, so rather a big fellow. Unfortunately my dad wouldnt let me steal him and take him home with us)

Visited St Tropez.

Where all the rich kids were showing off on Daddys boat.

Ate delicious Italian Ice cream in Simeone. (virtually every Ice cream shop, which is pretty much any road in Italy looks like this. But simone has to be the best. Its a little island style place on the edge of Lake Garda. And for a tiny town there are about 5 ice cream parlours plus resturants doing fancy sundays. The choice of flavors is immense, from the usual fruit one to Kinder, Bounty and Mars to more unusual flavors like haribo and bubblegum. A lot of shops trying to get your attention with free samples. nom nom)

Had nutella (Though not a jar this size =[ ) by the bucket load.

Realised the America isnt the only place that specialises in Fast food.

Had some quality time with my daddy.

Shared lots of Love

Eventually annoying my dad with the camera (I have some lovely close up shots of his nose)

Watched the sky change color (while discretely giving parentals alone time hehe (Yeah its still alone time, if i am a couple of feet away taking their photo)

Enjoyed opening the curtains to this every morning.

And closing the same curtains to this every night.

Spent an exhausting day in Venice.

Observed the locals (gondoliers)

And their boats (Gondolas)

Whatched Sinta Marks square transform from dry land, to having a strip of puddle down one side, to 10 minutes later only having one strip of path left.

At which point, we headed for the boat as we didnt want to have to wade through the square if it rose anymore. Oh and as I was having camera fun with the water and lights, we left late and so the gates where closed when we got back to the place we were staying. So I had to climb like a million stairs (literally) as we were on a mountainside hehe)

And then drove home, past all the snowy mountains. Its amazed me since I was very small, how that snow could exist. In the past we have taken mountain roads rather than the tunnel (They charge nearly £50 to go one way through the tunnel and the mountain roads are a lot prettier and more fun to drive. The year I passed my test it was great fun really using the gears on the car to climb narrow windy steep roads up the mountain. We often travel is shorts and t shirt as its cooler in the car (habit from pre air conditioning days). But its rare that the passes are open when we go in May. You get about 3/4 of the way up and then the road shuts as there is too much snow to drive past. We have, before today got out in shorts and had a snowball fight on the way hehe. its not cold up there, well unless you pick up the snow.)

And now I am back home with a mountain of washing and lots of photos to play with.
Though annoyingly, I have gotten home, been using my laptop the whole time I was away. Worked fine the first night I was home. Next morning put it on and its died a death. so it has to be sent off for repair (though its going to take a week before they can pick it up so I dont have much faith) that being said, updates maybe sporderic and not at my usual 3am posting time.

Oh and I am still deciding what to do with all my photos. Obviously I want to tweak some of them, but I still want to show them off. I may, use my other blog, that I have never posted on, to put my photos up, but I will update here, should I decide to do that. =]

Thanks for reading. And feel free to comment and such.


  1. Wow, that seems pretty awesome. What a wonderful adventure to go on.

  2. Lake Garda. Simone is nice too.
    *pines for Italy*

    Tis Leigh btw..just so you know.