Sunday, June 06, 2010

Small things

Ok so bear with me here. I am posting from my iPod, yup comp is still broke.andblogger dosnt like it very much. So far I have figured that I need to post under the HTML section not the wysiwyg layout. Oh and don't press preview as you can't close it. And I am guessing there are apps for this but meh.

So today I am feeling thankful for the small things. It truley us the small things that make all the difference.

I have gotten a few messages from differnt people welcoming me back online. This is sweet as ofcourse it's nice to be missed.

Today is the first time that I have been able to wear my pumps since I hurt my foot three weeks ago. It swelled up to the point where I had to go buy a pair of mens sandles as they where wider (i already have big feet, it kinda runs in my family. Thanks for that dad) but today I was able to get my foot in normal shoes though it reswelled as I was walking on it (really do need to get it checked out at some point)

it's been sunny all day. So although I complained I was to hot walking around it was still nice. Amazing how a nice day can change your out look.

I had an hour sitting in the garden. Sitting on the grass with a magazine. I was eating a sandwich while there and ended up sharing it with my torts. I missed them while away so it was nice to spend some time with them. They are loving this weather as it means they can roam the garden all day instead of being stuck I side. And of course the garden is full of new tastes. I love there summer appertite. In winter it's hard to get them to eat, but once the weather changes they eat anything in sight, Inc my mums brand new trays of plants for the garden, which of course I found hallarious. The big one was even trying to steal satsuma off my plate today.

I can sympathize with the change in appetite. Maybe it's be ause I just got back or maybe it's the heat, but my cravings have changed, for the better. I used to grave junk food, chips pizza, curry. But now I would rather have pasta or rice, fish and fruit. The only time I am getting cravings is a morning when I crave things like chocolate. I assume this is because I have tea at like 5 pm and then by the time I get up the next morning it's usually well after 11 am. Which is somthin silly like 18 hours. Hmm maybe a yoghurt before bed.

Oh I also bought a big bottle of links as it is on offer yum. Reminds me of you Camcam and fun times in London.

Oh and afternoon, well more so evening, naps. I love day sleep, it's so much better than night sleep, espc if you do it outside in the sun.

And the last thing I am thankful for is having someone compliment my hair :) that probably sounds vain, but it's nice to know it's not totally horrendous. (I bought this cute headband with a bow on it and I think it loons funky. )


  1. Are you using iPod touch to log with? Theres loads of good Apps for blogging, make it alot easier than using the Web interface :-D Just search the Social part of the App store (I think) and see which is rated best :-)

    Whats up with the comp too? whats it doing (or not doing!)

  2. I am using an itouch. I will look into getting an app I just wasnt in the mood yesterday, as I just wanted to post =] Seems I am moving my life (well my online one which is pretty much the whole thing anyway) from a nice fast laptop over to a dinky slow ipod. Not sure if it feels goo as its more portable, or sad because I miss the speed and being able to see things without squinting lol.

    As for the laptop, I think the motherboard has gone, its something hardware related anyway. It just turns off at random moments, but does it when on bios to so its not os related. :/

    Its still under warrenty so I cant even fiddle with it myself.